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12 Best Liqueurs For Your Home Bar in 2022

Did you set up a new home bar and now wondering which liqueurs to add? Don't worry; we have got your back! We know the essentials for every boozer. Certain liqueurs are a must-include in bars. Be it cocktails or neat, these varieties could easily help you prepare any drink. 

So, whenever setting up a bar cart, start with the indispensable drinks. If you have them, you are already on the right path. However, if you don't, here's a list to guide you through:  

#1 Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

If your bar does not have Amaro Nonino, you are missing out on a big drink! Originated from the northeastern side of Italy, this classic herbal Amaris works best as an after-dinner digestif. While you may get numerous varieties for this drink, the most common ones are Ramazzotti, Montenegro, and Averna. 

In this drink, you will get an outstanding blend of tangerines and alpine herbs. Both ingredients offer a burst of flavours! Besides, the ageing process in Barriques of Nevers, along with old Sherry wood and Limousin, makes it extra delectable. Team it up with just the ice (and orange wedge for garnishing) to sip the taste of heaven!

#2 Chartreuse Green Liqueur

Do you want a burst of hues in your bar? If so, then Chartreuse Green Liqueur is a must-add! The beautiful green shades, along with their unique taste, can turn your bar into an authentic one. 

Only two Chartreuse monks know about the 130 plants used to make this drink. They are the ones who know how this drink gets its attractive green shade! With such secrecy, it's worth having this "one of a kind" liqueur variety in your collection. Plus point? It's aged slowly in the oak casks under the monk's supervision. So, you know the taste is going to be flavourful. 

#3 Aperol

A bar is incomplete with the iconic Aperol. If you have it, great; if you don't, stock them up now! That's because they are popular and a must-have for many. Aperol is quite famous for the well-known cocktail Aperol Spritz. Yes, the ones where you blend in three parts Prosecco and two parts Aperol. Simply top it off with soda water, and you are good to go! 

To make it even better, garnish the drink with orange wedges. Aperol Spritz is quite a famous mixture that roots from Italy. The Aperitivo style and 11% alcohol makes it even more classic! 

#4 Campari

Incorporated with soothing aroma and enticing flavours, Campari is all about adding uniqueness to your bar. If you are organising summer or BBQ parties, you shouldn't miss this one! Campari is one of the main ingredients of most party cocktails. 

The 700 ml delicious drink is packed with herbs and fruit in the alcohol and water. You can use them to make appetising cocktails that include sodas, wines, or juice! It has an alcohol content of 25%, which is pretty adequate. 

#5 Chartreuse (Yellow)

Yes, it has the yellow version too! A bit sweeter and lighter in taste, the yellow Chartreuse is a sheer example of exquisite flavours. Introduced back in 1840, the beautiful yellow colour of the drink is completely natural. It also does not have any artificial preservatives to raid the authenticity. 

Just like the green version, the yellow Chartreuse shares the secret recipe of Chartreuse monks. So, it could be another unique addition to your classic collection. Gulp it down as neat or enjoy it with cocktails. It's your call.

#6 Cointreau

If you are a boozer, you must know about the iconic Cointreau! Yes, the mouth-watering orange-flavoured liqueur that you can't get enough of. Made in Saint-Barthelemy-d'Anjou, the popularity of Cointreau is not new. It's already more than a century old. 

The delicious orange flavour in the drink comes from the orange varieties of Spain, Brazil, and Haiti. Also, the 40% alcoholic content ensures you get what you need! Drink it straight (if you want to) but do not forget to use it in your margaritas and cosmopolitans. 

#7 Fernet Branca

If you want a burst of flavours with sweet, bitter, spicy, and herby notes (all at once), then Fernet Branca is what you need. Produced in Milan, Italy, the drink is one of the most popular Italian bitters of all time. It comes with an ABV content of 39%, which is the perfect amount. 

Besides, it's not just the taste that is aggressive! Smell it, and you will get an absolute classic fragrance featuring a medley of spices. You can drink it neat, with cola, or as cocktails; it's going to taste "wow" all ways. 

#8 Kahlua

Are you a coffee lover who can't skip a day without a sip? Then you cannot miss a glass of Kahlua. Made with Arabica coffee beans (100%) and Rum, your coffee-loving soul can never get enough of this drink. It combines the rich, sweet, and full-bodied flavour for that lingering coffee finish. 

You can drink it straight, serve it with cola, or as a cocktail! It also tastes heavenly when mixed with milk. The drink comes from Mexico and has an ABV content of 20%.

#9 Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

You must have seen the Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur in bars? The straw enclosed bottles at the bar shelf. Yes, that's the one! The sticky and sweet drink combines the sweetness of cherry with a slight alcohol burn to make a divine liqueur. It works as a sparkle for most cocktails. 

So, if you crave Martinez and Last Word quite often, this one is a mandatory addition to your bar. 

#10 Pernod Absinthe

Founded in 1805, Pernod Absinthe is a French liqueur that's made with different herbs. It includes diverse flavours of anise, fennel, and other botanicals for that herbaceous tasting notes. Pernod is quite a common addition in the French drink Pastis. 

The drink is further diluted with water to give that cloudy appearance or the ouzo effect. You can simply combine it with the apple juice in a glass and fill it with the ice. Top it off with some lemon, and you have a classic drink. You can also make delicious Absinthe cocktails like a green beast. 

#11 St-Germain

Speaking of authenticity and uniqueness, how could anyone forget about St-Germain? Made from fresh hand-picked elderflowers (in the late spring), St-Germain has tropical notes with fruity flavours. 

You are likely to get a delicious flavour of pear, peach, and citrus with a dash of honeysuckle. Its delicious taste makes it a classic cocktail with a sweet and floral touch. The drink is also a great blend for almost every alcohol, starting from Champagne to Whiskey. 

#12 Suze

Suze is a French aperitif that's produced from an aromatic plant called gentian. Its tasting notes are more on the vegetal side with a blend of fragrant citric tones. While it tastes delicious with ice, you can blend it with soda water or tonic water. Its blend with sparkling wine is also quite flavourful. 

These drinks are adequate to give you an authentic bar feel at home! However, feel free to add any of your favourites for variation.

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