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Helping the Environment

Our Business is changing!


At Hello Drinks, we are always striving for a cleaner business, with a green focus to help our environment, so we can all work towards a cleaner future for our children and beyond. Some of the projects we are working on are having a postive impact.

  • Our Packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Some materials are made from up to 72% recylcled content
  • Our inner packing materials are 100% biodegradable
  • We re-use supplier packaging where possible
  • Recent projects have reduced 250+ deliveries each year from our Suppliers (Approx 2500 pallets). This hugely reduces the need for a forklift for unloading on site, as well as the reduced need of trucks to deliver to us! Eliminating harmful emmissions.

How can you help us?

We fully support the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) and you can too by depositing the cartons, plastic & cans at your local recycling station. 

Good News! We have already paid the levy to the government so you can recoup the funds at the recycling stations.

You can also re-use our packaging for helping with your shopping, storage etc.


Lastly, don't you just hate when you receive multiple deliveries from retailers, not only is it inconvenient for you, it drives up cost, harms our environment by sending more than one van, and increases the packaging used which is unnecessary. 

At Hello Drinks we are reducing the need for multiple deliveries from our Marketplace by ensuring a high percentage of goods are stored under the one roof, something that has been successful to date.

In addition to this, we are working with some of our partners to work to set delivery days which allows for top up orders, and eliminates the need for multiple deliveries.

We are a lean startup business that is disrupting traditional models in our industry, which is contributing to a more positive environment.

Plenty done, more to do!

You can contact us here if you have any questions or suggestions.