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Naked Life


The road to a Naked Life has been long and winding, but the journey began on that kitchen counter. For years David wanted nothing more than reduce sugar in his diet; so one day he just started experimenting with making drinks without any added sugars or other ingredients like typically found inside them, and today it's all changed! Now not only do we have an extensive range for “naked” beverages (sodas/teas), iced teas & tonics as well a selection of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers.

Dave is a passionate advocate for everyone to be able share in these moments without compromising on taste or health. This has been driving force behind his mission while crafting the Naked Life drinks, which are made from all natural ingredients and free from added sugars

The Samoan heritage that Dave inherited contributes greatly towards him while gifting others with great sense of sharing what’s best about life - no matter how big or small it may seem at times!