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Are you looking for rare and tasty Whisky for your next party? If yes, then our collection of Limited Edition Whisky is for you. Most bottles of limited editions are from a single cask or single barrel drops coming directly from the master distiller's stash.

Also, there are very old or ultra-rare releases, plus Malt Whisky, Blended Whisky, or Bourbons made especially for an anniversary or an event. The limited category has endless opportunities for some interesting expressions.

Limited Edition Whisky is that they are incredibly varied in age, style, flavour, and price. Limited Edition Whisky generally costs more than the standard release of Blended Scotch or Bourbon. However, it doesn't say that you can't afford them.

You can discover some of the limited edition bottles at Hello Drinks Superstore. We are an online liquor marketplace with a collection of more than 4000 alcoholic beverages from local and international suppliers.

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Investing in Limited Edition Whisky: Is It Worth It?

Nowadays, a lot of people choose Limited Edition Whisky because of their great taste. They want to collect different unique flavours or varieties. Moreover, they want to produce a palate for a good dram.

Though some people purchase Limited Edition Whisky, they do not have any drinking experience. But, they buy it to become rich.

When you talk about purchasing a liquor bottle for an investment, the first thing that will strike your mind is Wine. But investments in Whisky is also in boom nowadays. So, investing in hard drinks may also bring you great returns.

For instance, an 18-year old vintage Macallan might have cost you around $25,000 in 2015. But they were worth around $61,000 by the end of 2016. This 142% increase makes the Whisky bottle a better investment. 

Buy Limited Edition Whisky at Hello Drinks Superstore

The Limited Edition Whiskies are the apple of any liquor collector's eye. The following are some of them you must consider buying:

Order Johnnie Walker White Walker Blended Scotch Whisky

Whisky specialist George Harper has produced it. You can serve it directly from the freezer to feature notes of vanilla, caramelized sugar, and red berries. While serving it directly from the freezer, it develops impressive complexity as it warms to room temperature.

Buy Collectivum XXVIII

It is a blend of 28 operational single malt distilleries owned by Diago. Hence, its name is 28 in Roman numerals. This Whisky delivers unique and complex flavour and aromas.

It has everything from richness to dryness, citrus to chocolate zest, sweetness to nuttiness. It is a well-balanced homage to Scotch Whisky distilleries.

Order Ned The Wanted Series Loyalty Australian Whisky

The premium range of Whiskies from Ned Barrel House is The Wanted Series of Australia. The inspiration of Loyalty Whisky of Ned is the fierce loyalty that he always shows to his family or those who support him.

Ned trialled ageing the Whisky in 20-litre American oak casks. It's blended together with 500-litre European oaks and 200-litre virgin American oak to produce Batch 4 of Wanted Series Loyalty.

It has an aroma of tropical fruits with spice oak. It shows flavours of caramel sweetness, smooth vanilla and tropical fruits. It is a well-balanced finish of spice and vanilla notes.

Shop for Chairmans 1931 1st Edition Rum

This Whisky is a blend of copper and coffee pot distillates from 1999 and 2004. Each bottle is individually numbered. This Whisky won the silver in International Wine & Spirits Competition, and gold in International Spirits Challenge 2011.

It has the sweet aromas of baking spices and sweet raisins with balanced leather, toasty oak, and tobacco notes. The palate offers creme caramel, sweet grass, buttery toast, and spicy oak notes.

Buy Ned The Wanted Series Daring Australian Whisky

The Wanted Series is a super premium range of Ned Barrel House. This release is complex and powerful with intense caramel, fruit cake, and dark chocolate finish.

The palate offers dark chocolate with fruit cake drizzled and well-balanced with amazing oak spices. It has dried orange and sweet caramel with a bit of spicy flavour.

This Whisky won Silver in Melbourne International Spirits Awards 2021.

In addition to these, you can also find more Limited Editio Whisky on Hello Drinks Superstore. For example, you can order Writers Tears Copper Pot Marsala Cask Irish Whiskey, Wild Turkey Master Keep 17 year Whisky, and many more.

Also, the Limited Edition Whisky are a great gift option for Christmas, New Year, House warming Party, Anniversary Party, and get-together.

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