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Indian Whisky


  • Paul John Classic Single Malt Indian Whisky 700ml Scotch/Malt Whiskey Gateway
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    Paul John Classic Single Malt Indian Whisky 700ml

    They say, "With the very first sip, flavours of malted barley greet you. A heady mix of bourbon and manuka honey-liquorice makes for an attractive ...

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India is one of the largest Whisky drinking nations, and Indian Whisky is mostly malty and fruity. Therefore, they are perfect examples of vitality, fun, and a defined style. Moreover, the climate of India speeds up the maturation of Indian Whisky.

Most Indian Whisky blends are based on neutral Spirits. Their distillation occurs from fermented molasses using 10 to 12 per cent of traditional Malt Whisky. Such drinks are known as Rum outside India.

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What is the History of Indian Whisky?

In the 19th century, Scotch Whisky made its way to India. However, the first Indian distillery was established in Kasauli in the late 1820s by a British person named Richard Dyer.

He brought copper pot stills to India from Scotland. Then, he took advantage of the abundant spring water present in the region of Kasauli. However, alcohol production from grains got hampered due to a food shortage in India.

Then, Indian Whisky manufacturers started making Whisky with other ingredients. So, adding molasses into the spirit became a common practice.

India's journey to high-end production of Whisky started in the 1980s, and the single distillery "Amrut" changed the entire game. It started making Blended Whisky from a grain-based mash and molasses.

Then, Amrut's chairman, Neelkantha Jagdale, recognized the potential for Connoisseur's Whisky and began procuring barley. After that, Amrut produced its first batch of Single Malt Whisky.

Indian's did not follow the culture of drinking single malts, so the demand for Amrut's this product was little. Ultimately, they blended it with sugarcane-distilled alcohol and produced MaQintosh Premium Whisky. This drink was more suitable for the country's taste.

In 2004, Amrut finally launched their namesake Single Malt Whisky. During production, they realized that they could age malts quicker than their counterparts from Scotland.

After release, it hits with consumers. So, Amrut continued to experiment in the single malt field. It introduces spectrum barrels that hybridize woods from other countries like France, America, and Spain.

But Amrut is not the only one. Another distillery based in Goa, Paul John, launched their first single malt in 2012. Since then, products from both Amrut and John have won many accolades at worldwide Spirit festivals.

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The Production Process of Indian Whisky

The production of Indian Whisky is similar to Scotch. The only difference is Indian Whisky's angel's share is much more significant because of climatic conditions. Three years' maturation in Scotland is similar to one year in India.

It has to complete ageing for three years to stand in the EU market. But Indian malt comes less likely with high ageing. Indians use 6-row barley instead of 2-row, commonly used worldwide. So, it conveys a spicier character.

It is grown in north India but transported far on the south side to Amrut and Paul John distilleries. Indian Whisky ageing occurs in oak casks and pot stills, so maximum processes are almost the same.

Indian Whisky is often fruitier as compared to malt of other countries. Also, they are sweet with notes of treacle, caramel, and vanilla. Fruits flourish in Indian malt, especially fruits not found in Scotland like bananas, mangoes, and pineapple.

Indian Whisky tends to be fresh and light due to the shorter time spent in the casks.

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Types of Indian Whisky

Some Indian Whisky brands are remarkable. They dominate the sales figures and produce drinks that will have you smack your lips and raise your Whisky glass for some more. The following are the best Whisky brands from India:

  • Buy Paul John Classic Single Malt Indian Whisky

The Paul John Classic is an unpeated single malt whisky made by John Distilleries in Goa. Matured in ex-bourbon barrels and bottled at cask strength without chill-filtration, it showcases a great spirit.

It has distinct aromas of freshly-baked sponge cake, pears, stewed apples, and golden barley. It enlightens your tongue with spicy notes of cinnamon and cracked black pepper.

  • Order Rampur Single Malt Indian Whisky

It is the first Indian single malt whisky from the Rampur distillery situated in Uttar Pradesh, India. Hand-crafted and aged in the Himalayan foothills, this Whisky is malty and creamy with apricot, vanilla, and apple notes.

Tips for Serving Indian Whisky on the Rocks

The simplest ingredient to use with Indian Whisky is water. Having Whisky on the rocks is one of the best ways to enjoy Indian Whisky. Learning how to serve Indian Whisky is a beneficial skill for every Whisky connoisseur or aspiring bartender.

"On the rocks" means to pour liquor on ice cubes in the cocktail glass. The following are some tips to serve Indian Whisky on the rocks:

Don't Let Indian Whisky Sit

While serving a neat drink, make sure not to make it sit in the glass for a longer time. Ice cubes will melt if it stays on the table for a longer time, and the drink will be more diluted.

So, make sure to consume the drink quickly after preparing it.

Use the Correct Ice Type

There are several types of ice used for preparing cocktails or drinks. Generally, bars offer cocktail ice for on the rock or mixed drinks. In addition, some bars offer Whisky stones or dry ice, which are reusable synthetic cubes chilled in the freezer.

When people drink Indian Whisky at home, they generally use regular ice cubes. This is because they are prone to rapid melting. So, you can decide the type of ice cubes for your drink as per the settings you are in.

Serve Whisky in Proper Glassware

Glasses play a vital role in your overall drinking experience. The ideal glassware is rock glass to serve Indian Whisky on the rocks. Rock glass is also known as Low ball, Old-Fashioned Glass, or Whisky Tumbler.

It is a versatile glass with a wide brim, allowing you to add Whisky stones or ice cubes easily.

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