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Jagermeister is a brand of herbal liqueur that is owned by Brown Forman. It is a category unto itself, and is often enjoyed by those who appreciate strong spirits. The company has a long and storied history, dating back to its founding in 1935. Jagermeister continues to be a popular choice among those who enjoy high-quality liquor. Thanks to its unique flavor profile and rich history, the brand has developed a loyal following over the years. If you're looking for an exceptional herbal liqueur, then Jagermeister is definitely worth considering.

There are only two ingredients in this liqueur: cinnamon bark and ginger root. It is made by infusing the spices with internship-style spirits for up to six months before bottling, so it has an unusual flavor that some might find too strong at first sip but grows on you eventually!

The liqueur is made from a secret recipe of 56 herbs, blooms and roots. The only known ingredients are cinnamon-bark and ginger root that give Jagermeister its unique flavor