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Jack Daniel's parent company Brown Forman suspending operations in Russia.

Jack Daniel’s, one of America's most famous whiskey makers and distillers has announced that they will be suspending operations in Russia following their invasion of Ukraine.

Jack Daniel's parent company, Brown-Forman Corp., announced Thursday that they are suspending operations in order to assess the current environment. The suspension includes all sales marketing activities in Russia and pauses hiring for their new distribution center which had been scheduled to launch this July.

Currently, Brown-Forman sells its spirits and wine through third-party sellers in Russia.

Russia's military intervention in Ukraine continues to go from bad to worse, with more than one million refugees fleeing their country. U.S companies have been withdrawing sales and pausing operations both inside of Russia as well as across the border into Eastern Europe because they're afraid that this will happen again if it isn't stopped soon enough.

Brown Forman distribute a number of popular drinks brands in Australia, including Jack Daniel's, Jagermeister, Ford's Gin, as well as a number fo Scotch Whisky's like Glendronach which are all available at Independently owned Hello Drinks Liquor Superstore.

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