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Ed Sheeran admits he once got drunk on Buckfast

Ed Sheeran revealed he once got drunk on Buckfast whilst on his first ever night out with his Scottish cousin.

The singer – Who will feature this Sunday after House Rules in Australia on Channel 7 on programme - SUNDAY NIGHT. The down-to-earth superstar shows off the incredible voice and cheeky personality that has won over the hearts of millions.

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The chart-topping singer revealed all during an appearance on the Capital's Breakfast Show last month.


He told presenters Des Clarke, Steven Mill and Amy Irons how his Scottish cousins took him out one night and let him try the Buckfast.

“I have a bunch of cousins who live up in Scotland and they all had these black/green bottles and they’re drinking this kind of sludge.

“They said, have some, and man, it kicks you!”

The Castle On The Hill also admitted the tonic wine gave him one hell of a hangover.

He said: “”I also know about the next day as well. It’s not very pleasant.”

Ed Sheeran is due to play in Sydney the night before St Patricks Day 2018 which will surely have a big Ex-Pat turnout.

Buckfast is delivered to your door across Australia by Sydney based Irish startup Hellodrinks. Hellodrinks is a sister company of Swiftdrinks who delivered alcohol cold to your door within 60 minutes in Sydney CBD & Eastern Suburbs.

The question is will he get drunk on Buckfast when he lands in Australia for his 2018 tour. We will surely have to send him a bottle or two when he lands back in Australia :)

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Extracts from this blog were compiled from Eveningtimes.co.uk & thescottishsun.co.uk

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