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Dessert Wines

There are many delicious dessert options to choose from, but our favorite is something that will make your taste buds sparkle. Try something like a chocolate cake or tiramisu, both of which are sure to please. But enough about desserts for we can substitute these with wine.

Dessert wines are made from grapes that have been sweetened before fermentation is stopped. This results in wines that are sweet and have a fruity taste. There are five main styles of dessert wines, and this guide gives quite a background.

There are five major types of dessert wine: Moscato d’Asti, bubbly champagne, rich and brooding vintage port, sweet sherry, and rich and smooth Amaretto. Each wine has its own unique flavor and aroma and can be enjoyed either on its own or mixed with other drinks. Moscato d’Asti is a delicately fizzy wine, while the vintage port is rich and brooding. Sweet sherry is fruity and smooth, while Amaretto is a light and sweet wine.

Wines perceived as sweet may be made by certain natural processes. Harvesting high-sugar varieties later in the season when they are at full maturity. Other techniques include drying the grapes on a straw mat for raisins, freezing the grapes on the vine, or allowing them to become infected with the fungus Botrytis cinerea. With either method, the grape is dehydrated and the remaining sugars are concentrated as the water is removed.

Fortified wines, on the other hand, become sweet when alcohol is added to the base wine during fermentation, killing the yeast and leaving a greater proportion of residual unfermented sugar. Another technique called chaptalization involves adding sugar from external sources to the grape must, while sweet reserve involves reserving the unfermented sweet grape juice from the first pressing and then adding it back to the fermented wine before bottling in order to increase the sugar content. Dessert wines encompass a wide range of styles from around the world. That being said, these are some of the most common categories.

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