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5 Refreshing Summer Time Cocktail Recipes - Enjoy with Friends!

Whether you are hosting a fun summer shindig or simply kicking back by the pool, these five summertime classic cocktails are perfect to beat the heat of summer and make your party more joyful & chilling.

    Hellodrinks Australia has come across with a list of our favourite most tropical signature cocktail drinks – that make your every summer party memorable – filled with tremendous fun and love. These five yummy cocktails are extremely fresh and full of summer flavors that you will certainly adore. The list starts with -


    Mojito Cocktail – one of the most loveable drinks – especially served in summer because of its chilling taste and refreshing ingredients. Most of the ingredients in the Mojito are indigenous to Cuba that is mixed with Fever Tree Club Soda to deliver you a refreshing cocktail. This classic drink is a great mixture of Mint leaves, some simple syrup, fresh lime juice, Bacardi white rum, and Fever Tree Club Soda

    Find Full Recipe Here


    Negroni Cocktail - This is a tasty and easy to make cocktail that delivers a refreshingly little bitter taste drink, the trick to making the perfect Negroni lies with the pairing of the gin-vermouth that compliment each other, rather than overpower the bold flavors of Campari. You just need to make a perfect balance of ingredients that includes - Haymans London Dry Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth

    Find Full Recipe Here


      Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail – A perfect combination of four different spirits - collide to create one powerful drink. Anyone who tasted this cocktail before can certainly share a dozen memories of good times and even more hangovers associated with this tasty cocktail. It has an uncertain taste that differently describes by different people whoever taste this drinks. The ingredients added in this cocktail are - Gin, Bacardi white rum, Patron Silver Tequila, Grey Goose Vodka, Cointreau Triple sec, simple syrup and lemon juice.

      Find Full Recipe Here


      Gimlet Cocktail - This a classic mixed bubbly Cocktail, with a frothy top that is much like a Whiskey Fizz. But its different base spirits makes this cocktail an extremely chilled drink - perfect for hot summer parties. Its shake, shake and shake - making technique have a little dance in the kitchen, and shake to perfectly mix the all ingredients that are Fever Tree Club Soda, Gunpowder Irish Gin, Fresh lemon juice, some simple syrup, and one white egg - approx 1/3 oz.

      Find Full Recipe Here


      Sazerac Cocktail - This classic drink was crowned as the official cocktail of New Orleans in 2008. Sazerac is a popular spirit-forward cocktail that has a bit of dubious history. It was originally created with French brandy as its base, before bartenders changed over to Rye, mainly due to its new arrival. Its overwhelming taste is a combination of Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey, Hennessy Cognac and some dashes Angostura and Peychaud's bitters.

      Find Full Recipe Here


         Set up the mood and say cheer to coming summer seasons with tremendous fun parties that include these classic and tasty summertime cocktails. No party lover can deny the astonishing taste of these refreshing cocktails for the party.

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