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Batlow Premium Cider 330ml

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Introducing Avion Silver Tequila 700ml, the epitome of fine Mexican craftsmanship. Made from the finest blue agave plants in Jalisco, Mexico, this tequila is a testament to the rich heritage and tradition of tequila production.

Avion Silver Tequila is crafted using a traditional clay oven and double distillation process, resulting in a smooth and clean taste that is second to none. The piñas (hearts) of the blue agave plants are harvested by hand and slow-cooked in traditional clay ovens, unlocking the agave's natural sugars and imparting a rich flavor.

The double-distillation process, carried out in small batches, further refines the tequila, creating a smooth and velvety texture that is perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in your favorite cocktail. Avion Silver Tequila boasts a bright flavor profile with delightful hints of citrus and pepper, adding a tantalizing twist to every sip.

Whether you prefer to savor it neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a cocktail, Avion Silver Tequila is a versatile spirit that never disappoints. Let your taste buds revel in the classic margarita, where Avion Silver combines seamlessly with fresh lime juice and triple sec. For a refreshing twist on the traditional Paloma, add Avion Silver to grapefruit soda and a squeeze of fresh lime. And if you're feeling adventurous, try the Avion Mule, a delightful concoction of Avion Silver, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice.

At 700ml, Avion Silver Tequila is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It is the ideal choice for any occasion, whether you're celebrating a special milestone or simply unwinding after a long day. With Avion Silver Tequila, you can indulge in the rich flavors of Mexico's finest blue agave, right in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to alcohol delivery, Hello Drinks has got you covered. You can easily buy Avion Silver Tequila 700ml online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. So why wait? Elevate your tequila experience with Avion Silver Tequila 700ml today! Salud!

ABV: 5.2%%

Type: Craft Cider / Apple Cider

Region: Australia

Volume: 330ml


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