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Vdka 6100


  • Vdka 6100 Vodka 1L Vodka Gateway
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    Vdka 6100 Vodka 1L

    Vdka 6100 is a premium vodka that is crafted using traditional distillation methods and made from locally-sourced ingredients. With its origins in ...

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    Translation missing: en.products.general.regular_price $588

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VDKA 6100 Vodka is a premium vodka that hails from New Zealand. The clean, crisp spirit is made using only the finest ingredients, including pure spring water and locally-grown wheat. VDKA 6100 Vodka has a smooth, creamy texture and a delicately balanced flavor that makes it perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in cocktails.

The brand was founded by Georgi Radev and Vladi Getov, two friends who shared a passion for high-quality vodka. Inspired by the traditional vodkas of Eastern Europe, they set out to create a spirit that would be enjoyed by vodka lovers around the world. VDKA 6100 Vodka is distilled four times and filtered three times to ensure its smooth taste and exceptional purity.

The VDKA 6100 Vodka range includes several different flavors, each of which has its own unique character. The Original Vodka is perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in classic cocktails, while the Orange Vodka adds a refreshing citrus twist to drinks. The Lemon Vodka is perfect for adding a zesty flavor to cocktails, and the Cranberry Vodka is ideal for holiday celebrations.

Whether you’re looking for a premium vodka for sipping or mixing, VDKA 6100 Vodka is the perfect choice.