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Taylor and Swift Distillery is an Australian distillery that produces gin, vodka, whisky, and other spirits. The company has a long history dating back to the early 1900s, when it was founded by Taylor and Swift. Today, the distillery is still family-owned and operated, and continues to produce high-quality spirits using traditional methods.

Taylor and Swift Distillery is a family-owned business that has been producing spirits in Tasmania, Australia for over six generations. The company produces gin, vodka, whisky, and other spirits. Taylor and Swift Distillery is located in the Derwent Valley, which is a region known for its natural beauty and history. The distillery was founded in 1854 by John Taylor, who was a Scottish immigrant. Taylor and Swift Distillery is one of the oldest businesses in Tasmania, and it has won many awards for its products.

Today, Taylor and Swift is one of Tasmania’s oldest businesses and has received many awards for their products, which are now distributed to many different countries around the world.

Cocktail Suggestions:

- Gin and tonic

- Vodka martini

- Whisky neat or on the rocks


- Gin and Tonic recipe

- Vodka Martini recipe

- Whisky Sour recipe


- Taylor and Swift Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Australia.

- The company is family-owned and operated.

- Taylor and Swift produces a range of spirits, including gin, vodka, whisky, and more.

Did you Know:

- Taylor and Swift was founded in the early 1900s.

- The distillery is located in Australia.

- Taylor and Swift uses traditional methods to produce its spirits.


- Taylor and Swift has won multiple awards for its spirits, including Gin of the Year at the International Spirits Challenge.

- The company's spirits have also been awarded gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.