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Tanqueray Gin


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Tanqueray is a London-based gin made by Diageo plc. It originated in England and now has become one of the most popular gins globally, taking over from Beefeater as number 1 seller at home (UK) but also ranking high elsewhere such as America where it sells more than anyone else abroad, even surpassing continentally dominant Captain Morgan Spiced Rum!

Tanqueray is a London dry gin, reflecting its distillation process and origin in Bloomsbury. This style of drink has been around since 1824 when it was first created by J&B--a company that still produces this classic spirit today!

It starts out with grain-based spirits being double cooked at low temperatures until they become alcohol free before adding some common botanical ingredients like juniper berries , coriander root or angelica leaf . The recipe for Tanqeruay's signature flavor profile remains mostly secret though we do know four key components: juniper, coriander (cilantro), angelica root and liquorice.

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