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    Morgan's Bay Chardonnay 750ml

    TASTE NOTESSight: Bright goldNose: Honey, ripe melon, citruses, vanilla, applesPalate: Full, rich, citrus, sweet, tart fruit HOW TO ENJOYServing t...

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    Translation missing: en.products.general.regular_price $78

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The Chardonnay grape is neutral itself, with various flavours associated commonly with the Wine. It has different vinified styles, from lean, crisply Wines of Chablis, France, to new Wines with tropical fruit and oak flavours.

Chardonnay Wines often have a medium-light body in cool climates with noticeable acidity with green apple, plum, and pear flavours. In warmer locations, its flavour becomes citrus, melon, and peach.

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Chardonnay is a green skin variety of grapes used for producing White Wine. This variety originated in eastern France, but it has grown with time everywhere where manufacturers make Wine from New Zealand to England.

However, tropical fruit and fig notes come out in very hot locations. Thus, wines that undergo malolactic fermentation often have fruit flavours and softer acidity with hazelnut notes and buttery mouthfeel.

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Vegan Chardonnay: Winemakers make Vegan Chardonnay without animal products, so they sometimes leave the particles to sink naturally at the bottom of the Chardonnay Wine.

Gluten-Free Chardonnay: Avoiding gluten doesn't mean you have to cut out wine. You can buy Gluten-Free Chardonnay that contains no traces of gluten but still offers the expected taste.

Popular Chardonnay in Australia

Chardonnay has gotten popular because of its versatility and different styles. Below is the list of the best chardonnays you can drink:

Buy Oyster Bay Chardonnay

Marlborough, Oyster Bay's aims to produce distinctively regional and elegant wines with glorious fruity flavours. It has vibrant citrus, fragrant white peach, and a creamy texture. Its assertive flavours partnered with subtle oak make a refreshing drink.

It has a lengthy and crisp finish with 13% alcohol by volume.

Order Tempus Two Chardonnay

Tempus Two Chardonnay is a zesty and fresh Wine with white peach and citrus fruit flavours. It is the epitome of modern-style Wine that meets classic finesse with a 12% ABV.

This Chardonnay has tropical fruits notes complemented by an elegantly balanced and complex mouthfeel, making it a little bit Wilde.

Select Thistle Hill Organic Chardonnay

Thistle Hill Organic Chardonnay is from the New South Wales region. It has a generous body finish lightly oaked with melon, caramel, stone fruit, and cashew nuts. With 12% ABV, it is fruity, lively, and exuberant Wine. It is a vegan-friendly drink

Shop for Nine Bunches Organic Chardonnay

It is an organic Wine prepared by Thistle Hill winery that won various awards. This Wine derives its name from nine bunches of grapes required to make a Wine bottle.

This Wine colourfully mimics grapes using three by three styled grapes grids. It has a distinct and clean label that distinguishes itself from various organics.

Purchase Hugh Hamilton' The Scallywag' Chardonnay

It has the aroma of camomile, thyme, citrus blossom, and vanilla pod. This Wine has complex, oak-layered, new notes with a succulent fruit palate. The fresh and pulpy pear and white peach fruit culminate in a lingering finish.

Choose St Huberts The Stag Chardonnay

It is lively and light without lemon blossom and pear flavours. This Wine is fresh, evenly textured, and restrained. It has feather oak dusting with a lingering citrus finish.

Opt for Temple Bruer Preservative Free Chardonnay

It is one of the best and preservative-free Wines. It has a rich, velvet mouthfeel of red berries with coffee bean hints.

What is the Main Difference Between Oaked and Unoaked Chardonnay?

Many brands and winemakers promote their Chardonnay as unoaked and oaked. However, the winemaker who wants to prepare Chardonnay with a bright and crisp taste often uses stainless steel for fermentation and storing the Wine prior to bottling.

It limits the oxygen influence and retains the fresh character of Wine. When a manufacturer wants to make a fuller-bodied Wine with spice and vanilla flavours, they can age and ferment the wine in oak.

Or they can also ferment in stainless steel than age in oak. However, Oaked Chardonnay tends to undergo complete or partial MLF in a barrel and sees contact with dead yeast.

The spice and vanilla flavours, plus creamy and round texture from micro-oxygenation and MLF, make a Wine that is opposite to unoaked Chardonnay.

How to Serve a Chardonnay?

Like all White Wines, serve the chilled Chardonnay. However, if Chardonnay is too warm, it tastes hot once the flavours get muddled. But if it is too cold, all flavours and aromas get muted.

So, the best temperature ranges from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You can achieve it by refrigerating it for two hours or ice-water bathing it for 30 to 40 minutes.

If you can't finish the Chardonnay bottle, replace the cork and keep it back in the refrigerator. Its flavours will remain fresh for at least 2 to 4 days. After that, Wine will start oxidising. But you can still use it for cooking purposes.

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