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Carlton Cold Lager


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Carlton Cold Lager is a beer that has been brewed in Australia since 1832. The brand is owned by Carlton & United Breweries, which is a subsidiary of Asahi Breweries. Carlton Cold Lager is a lager beer with an alcohol content of 4.6% ABV.

Carlton Cold Lager was first brewed in Melbourne, Australia in 1832. The brand was originally owned by the Carlton Brewery, which was founded by Edward Wilson and John Matthews. Carlton Brewery was acquired by Carlton & United Breweries in 1907. Carlton Cold Lager is currently brewed at Carlton & United's Abbotsford Brewery in Melbourne.

The Carlton Cold Lager brand has a long history in Australia and is well-known for its light, refreshing taste. The beer is brewed using Australian hops and malt, and is available in both bottled and canned formats.

Carlton Cold Lager is a popular choice for beer drinkers in Australia and is often consumed at outdoor events such as barbecues and sporting events.