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  • Buckley's Rye Whisky 700ml-Hello Drinks Online Liquor Superstore
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    Buckley's Rye Whisky 700ml

    Buckley’s is a full-bodied ‘straight’ rye whisky made with a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. Aged for a minimum of two years in charred ...

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    translation missing: en.products.general.regular_price $63.53 translation missing: en.products.general.sale_price $71.88

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Buckley's Whiskey is an American rye whiskey that has a long and storied history. The exact origin of the Buckley's brand is unknown, but it is believed to date back to the early 1800s. The whiskey was first produced in Kentucky, but the company later relocated to New York.

Buckley's Whiskey is a rye-based spirit, which means that it is made with at least 51% rye grain. This give the whiskey its characteristic spicy flavor. Buckley's is also aged for at least two years in oak barrels, which helps to smooth out the rough edges and give it a more complex flavor profile.

Despite its long history, Buckley's Whiskey only became widely available in the United States in the last few years. The company began marketing the spirit more aggressively in 2017, and it has quickly become a favorite among whiskey drinkers.

How to Drink Buckley's Whiskey

Buckley's Whiskey can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It is also a popular choice for whiskey sours and other mixed drinks. If you're new to rye whiskey, it might be best to start with something simple like a whiskey sour or Old Fashioned.

Where to Buy Buckley's Whiskey

Buckley's Whiskey is available at Hello Drinks, an Independent Liquor Superstore, delivering to your door across Australia.
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