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19 Crimes


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The men on 19 Crimes wine labels are not the type of people you would typically find in history books. They were criminals, artists and scholars-in more ways than one! But they all had something else in common: receiving "punishment by transportation" for violating one of 19 different crimes which made them essential members when founding Australia's initial colonies. All except Snoop Dog of course lol

What will you find in the bottle? The name of a crime is on each cork, and there are 19 corks circulating in total. One for every possible criminal offense committed to be punished with transportation! So which one do think you'll uncork tonight...?

The convicts who made it to Australian shores were not only punished for their crimes, but also pioneers in a frontier penal colony. They broke rules and built lives brick by brick as they forged this country into what we know today--a new world full of opportunity waiting just around every bend! This wine celebrates those criminals that took advantage with its delicious taste sure to please any palate no matter how experienced or novice alike you may think yourself when sampling this produce; let's raise a glass to those pioneers who created the paths of freedom for us in Australia.