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What to Watch During Lockdown [Best Movies and Series]


Ah! Lockdowns can be tedious 🙃 No friends, no outings and no travel. Besides, most of us are past the Dalgona coffee, games, and productivity phase. So, that brings us to boredom!

But there's nothing that a good movie or series can't resolve (including the lockdown, of course!). Bored or not, here's a list of entertainment-packed movies or series that's a must include on your binge list. 

#1 Contagion

lockdown movie

Contagion focuses on Beth Emhoff and his family's mysterious death that later manifested to occur for a lingering virus. It features the struggle of the CDC for its outbreak, spread, and control. This breath-taking Deja vu movie is worth a watch while sipping on enticing white wine

#2 Red Obsession

red obsession

Red obsession is a documentary that features China's ultimatum for the best wines from France, inducing the popularity of Bordeaux. The country implied the downfall of conventional wine producers. Team this wine movie with a glass of red wine for a perfect binge!

#3 Money Heist

during lockdown

Money heist features a criminal professor who manoeuvres the police for his plan of printing euros in billions. Meanwhile, he hires eight thieves that take hostages and interlock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain. Sip this Spanish drama with the luscious sparkling wine.


#4 La-la Land

lalaland lockdown

Mia and Sebastian share a mutual connection to follow their heart and fulfil their goals. But, success plunges in and eradicates their dream and bond. Watch the story of love, passion, and aspirations while chilling on a Friday night. 

#5 A Year in Burgundy

australia lockdown

A Year in Burgundy is about seven oenophile families who talk about winemaking in Burgundy. You can watch them talking about the grapevines, seasons, and the region of wines. And, of course, what's better than combining it with delectable Pinot Noir

#6 The Shawshank Redemption

lockdown adelaide

What's better than watching the classics of the old times while you are locked at home? The Shawshank Redemption is about a banker named Andy Dufresne and his experience in the Shawshank prison. He was subjected to lifetime imprisonment for killing his wife and lover. However, Andy turned out to be the most unorthodox prisoner. 

#7 Somm into the Bottle

lockdown queensland

Some into the Bottle is a sequel to the 2013 movie that illustrates the life of a winemaker. The beautiful story is a perfect tribute to the red drink featuring its history, barrels, war, and more. Add it to your lockdown binge list while sipping on impeccable Shiraz wine yourself.

#8 Parasite

lockdown cases

The Oscar-winning Korean movie has become quite famous worldwide for its unique concept. The parasite is a story of the Kim family where the son takes a job at Park's (family name). However, the story takes an exceptional twist when the entire family starts working for them. Watch the classic filled with twists, turns, and thrills. 

Aren't these movies and shows worth a shot? Go and watch one today to keep those boring days of lockdown at bay! 🧡

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