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The Tequila Boom is Here, 5 Drinks to Try

Besides being the perfect frame for Instagram-worthy shots, tequila is booming for its cool, complex, and rich characteristics. Its smooth, earthy yet sweet taste has drawn endless individuals towards itself (and still counting!). With such massive popularity, there are certain tequila varieties that aren't worth the miss. Wondering which ones? Here's our top 5 pick:

#1 Patron Reposado Tequila

Speaking of exquisite tequilas, one cannot forget about the Patron Reposado tequila. With 80 proof and 40% ABV content, this is one of the finest varieties that roots from Mexico. The alcohol is aged for about two months and looks clear with a pale yellow hint. It's fermented, distilled, and aged in ideal climatic conditions to provide a smooth oaky taste. 

On the nose, its aroma gives a citrusy, herby, yet vegetal feel. You are also likely to smell roasted coconuts, peppers, cinnamon, and thyme. Coming to its taste, the drink feels peppery zesty, with flavours of rich vanilla and other spices. You are likely to feel the cinnamon, pepper, and butterscotch for its aftertaste. The tequila tastes heavenly in popular cocktails like Margaritas and Manhattan. 

#2 Fortaleza Blanco Tequila

Fortaleza Blanco tequila is another renowned tequila variety made of Tequilana Weber. It's fermented in wooden fermentation tanks with 100% agave (in the open air without fibres). For the cooking and extracting process, it involves Tahona along with stone or brick ovens. Thanks to its traditional preparation method, the tequila tastes delicious on the palate. 

On sipping, you are likely to get the flavours of cooked agave, pepper, olives, and vegetal. It also features a citrusy, earthy, and mineral-rich taste along with a touch of butter, brine, and vanilla. For aromas, it features the same ingredients as that of the flavours. The ABV content of the drink is about 40% with 80 proof. You can relish a nice glass of tequila and beer cocktails or Heartland smash with this variety. 

#3 Casamigos Blancos Tequila

Made with Tequilana Weber, Casamigos Blancos tequila is an iconic tequila variety that comes from Jalisco. The clear-looking tequila with a smooth finish and subtle tastes is certainly a must-have for all tequila lovers. The drink is extracted and cooked in roller mills and stone/brick ovens to provide those delectable flavours. On its first sip, you are likely to relish vanilla, agave, pepper, caramel and spices like cinnamon. 

It also consists of floral, citrusy, and butter tangs to satisfy your palate. Coming to its aroma, the drink has a dominating smell of vanilla and cooked agave, along with citrus and caramel. Besides, it also has other fragrances as the taste with a hint of earthy and minty scent. Just like the prior two products, the ABV and proof content of this one is 40% and 80, respectively. Try and use this variety for a good Danny ocean or Casamigos Margaritas.   

#4 Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila

Jose Cuervo Gold tequila is all about serving gold in a class! Made from Blue Agave, the drink has smooth and profuse flavours with proportioned characteristics. The variety is made by combining both aged Reposado and numerous other younger tequilas. It consists of the ideal amount of spice, oak, and vanilla tones to satisfy your soul. 

You may also get a creamy and slightly tangy taste along with herbal features. Speaking of its finish, it's a bit okay and spicy. On smelling the tequila, it features hints of herbs, honey, baked agave along with spice and mixed peels. The ABV content for this tequila is the same as others on the list. Trust us, Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila makes one of the best margaritas! So do not forget to try the same. 

#5 Pueblo Viejo Blanco Tequila

Pueblo Viejo Blanco tequila is a clear and vibrant tequila variety with a hint of a blue tint to mesmerize your eyes. The drink has a smooth herby flavour along with a splash of citric notes. Besides the cooked agave and pepper, you are likely to get mineral-like, fruity, and vegetal flavours. 

It also has pleasant and lasting endnotes for that flawless finish! The aroma consists of dominating citrus and vegetal fragrances with the other detected flavours. Being a Blanco tequila, you can combine this one with lime juice to make the perfect Margarita. It also tastes great as a Paloma or the Dreamcatcher! 

What Dishes Pairs Well With Tequilas?

Food pairings for tequila differ from variety to variety. For example, Blanco tastes delicious with lighter meals like seafood and veggies. Similarly, Reposado tastes flavoursome with grilled or spicy food and Anejos are great with sweets! So, it depends. However, here we have mentioned some common few tequila food pairings that go perfectly together:

Raw Fish and Seafood

When you hear raw fish, the first food that comes to your mind must be Sashimi. If so, then you are on the right path. That's because it tastes magnificent together. Besides that, you can also pair up your tequila with sushi, oysters, tartare, or any seafood. 

Meats and Steaks

Tequila and meat equal delicacy. Period. If you have Reposado tequilas at home along with nice pork tenderloin, then glaze it nice and eat along. Likewise, if you don't like it glazed, simply grill it! It's good that way too. You can also team up the tequilas with rich steak and mushroom sauce for a big-fat dinner.


Reposado with tossed vegetables makes an iconic match. Besides, the meal doesn't have to be complex. Just a little oil drizzle with veggies and lime is enough. You would certainly enjoy the freshness of the veggies with the distinctive tequila.

Chocolate and Desserts

Anything that has dark or milk chocolate (like desserts) goes well with Añejo tequilas. The bitter flavours of chocolate blend well with the silky and rich flavours of the Añejo. You can also pair it up with citrus sorbet, banana bread, tres leches, and brownies!

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