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The best wine for your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign

We pair wines with food, holiday, and weather. But have you ever tried pairing
wine with a zodiac sign?

While you can have any wine any time, matching it with your Zodiac sign,
whatsoever the reason, can be fun. Plus, the wine-zodiac pair lets you try
something oh-so-perfect combo that suits your personality.

So, let’s discover the best wine for your zodiac sign:


Wine for Aquarius

You’re eccentric, rebellious, and logical. It sounds like crispy and dry
Sauvignon Blanc is your best fit. Carrying a citrusy flavour, this variety can be
acidic and sharp, like Aquarians can sometimes be.


Pisces wine

Romantic, compassionate, and sometimes quirky Pisces can find pleasure in
Sweet Riesling. Riesling is delicate, sweet, and flowery, carrying the
characteristics of the Rhine region. Savour it young, but the aromatic drink
improves with age.


Aries wine

Confident and competitive, Aries should try young Tempranillo, a Spanish red
wine with a dry, spicy flavour. Another option is bold and versatile Cabernet
Sauvignon with a range of flavour notes, from green pepper to leather.


Taurus wine

You are ambitious, confident, and love comforts. Astrologers associate you with
a lush GSM blend and Shiraz Cabernet. The full-bodied, red wine Shiraz is most
favourable for you due to its hardy and earthy notes.


Gemini wine

You love to live life to the fullest. You're very versatile and expressive. So,
when it's time to pop the cork off, try out Pinot Grigio. The Italian white wine is
uncomplicated, like Gemini's nature. Other great wines for you are Champagne
and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc.


Cancer wine

Charming and enigmatic Cancer can find pleasure in Moscato, a famous fruity,
white Italian wine. Sip it with your favourite dessert or pair it with a shellfish.
Sweet, delicate and soft Moscato fit the polite nature of Cancer people.


Leo wine

Leo people tend to be flamboyant and optimistic. They enjoy larger than life
and find fun in everything they do and drink. Rosé wines can be the best wine
for your zodiac sign.


Virgo wine

Virgos are gentle, loving, and practical. This personality pairs well with Pinot
Noir that reflects their reality as they grow.
In one of the best wine movies – Sideways – the protagonist Miles Raymond
elaborates Pinot Noir as thin-skinned and temperamental. He says that, unlike
other wines, Pinot Noir can thrive even when neglected, like Virgo


Libra wine

For fair and suave Libra, a well-balanced Chardonnay or Riesling sounds
perfect. The grape grows at a cool, balanced temperature, particularly in
October month.


Scorpio wine

Scorpios are extremists, and they can’t resist the smoky intensity of flavourful
Spanish Tempranillo. Pair it with sharp cheese or a spicy burger loaded with


Sagittarius wine

Just like velvety and plummy, or rich and oaky Merlot wine mingles well with
any food, Sagittarius people are very sociable. Choose from a range of merlot
flavours, ranging from herbs and graphite to plums, cocoa, and black cherries. It
comes often layered with notes of cedar, vanilla, and clove.



Ambitious and serious Capricorn people will like the rich and straightforward
flavour of Cabernet Sauvignon. The light and fragile red wine are matured in
oak barrels before bottling.

Now, you know the best wine according to your zodiac sign. Start with these
and have fun!

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