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Tequila growing in popularity across Australia with home delivery


Tequila is gaining in popularity as a drink here in Australia, driven in part by the increasing number of people who are making cocktails at home. Bartenders are few and far between at the moment due to challenges in hiring staff in the on-premise space, which is creating bigger queues, and smaller menus at the bar. Customers want choice, so they have reverted to building up their own home bar, stocked with tequila & mezcal for themselves and friends. There is more choice than ever before at Hello Drinks having recently relaunched with over 4000 drinks, with an abundance of Tequila, Liqueurs, Syrups to help spruce up your Tequila Cocktails.

Thanks to home delivery services, it's now easier than ever to get your hands on tequila - whether you're wanting to make a cocktail or just enjoy a shot. And with Afterpay now available for online shopping, there's no need to worry about budgeting for your tequila purchase. So why not explore the range of tequilas available and find your perfect bottle?


Here at Hello Drinks, we have a wide range of tequilas to choose from, including the popular brands like Patrón and Don Julio, as well as some lesser-known but equally delicious options. So whether you're looking for a quality tequila to enjoy at home or want to stock up your home bar with some top-quality spirits, we've got you covered.

Why not explore our range of tequilas today? You won't be disappointed!

Here are some of our more popular Tequila Cocktail Recipes for you to choose from, why not let us know your favourite in the comments or any suggestions for us to write about?


Hello Drinks Cocktail Team

Hello Drinks was founded with one goal in mind - to make it easy for you to buy liquor online and get it delivered to your door. Whether you're a home bar enthusiast or looking to stock up for an event, Hello Drinks has everything you need at the click of a button. It really is that easy to order, and our team will get picking your order right away.

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