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Glasses of Summer Spritz

Spritz in Summertime

Spritz season is upon us, and if you're still making Aperol Spritzes with the same old recipe, it's time for an upgrade. With just a few simple tweaks, you can take your Spritz game to the next level.

First, ditch the soda water in favor of seltzer or club soda for a lighter, refreshing drink. Next, add a splash of citrus juice - either lemon or lime - for a hint of tartness. And finally, experiment with different bitters to find the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. 

The spritz' low alcohol content is frequently part of its attraction, but enhancing the drink with a dash of a complementing spirit, fortified wine, or liqueur is an easy way to do so without making it as potent as a Margarita or other "traditional" cocktail.

The possibilities for altering the flavor profile of your spritz are practically limitless, ranging from fruit-flavored liqueurs to surprising aperitivi (a straightforward substitution is to try a bitter amaro, like Cynar, in place of the traditional Aperol). To give your spritz a sense of place and time, consider adding your own spin. Another tip is to consider Including Non-Alcoholic Components.

The most popular variation of the spritz is probably to add a spirit, liqueur, or fortified wine to it; nevertheless, this lessens the drink's attractiveness due to its low alcohol content. However, you may enhance your spritz without adding more alcohol by adding a syrup, shrub, or cordial to bring out the flavors of the season.

Create Your Own Garnishes! A spritz's best buddy is the citrus twist. Subtle aromatic components in the drink's ingredients as well as the garnish are heightened by the effervescence. Choose lemon if the beverage requires a little more acidity and freshness; choose orange if you want to draw attention to some richer fruit characteristics. Grapefruit works well if your spritz needs a little bit of bitterness.

You should not undervalue the relevance of a spritz's aesthetic in addition to garnishing for scent. If appearances are your only concern, edible flowers may make a lovely garnish for any beverage, especially a zesty spritz.

Similarly to how many cocktail shops will garnish a gin and tonic with ingredients that mimic or enhance the gin's botanicals, you may also think about matching the ingredients in the beverage with the garnish. This could entail using freshly ground pink peppercorns in an aperitif made with those botanicals, or rosemary and mint in a spritz made with pink peppercorn cordial.

There are countless ways to spice up your spritz. Just keep in mind that the spritz is a cocktail drink that has it's own charm when you spin it on your own, so have fun with it!

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