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Rum Cocktail Recipes You Can Do

If you're looking to make the best rum cocktail for a special occasion or just a fun night with your friends, then look no further. Here are some of the recipes that will be such an enjoyable drink for a fun party. 

Rum is an incredibly versatile spirit that pairs well with a variety of mixers and other ingredients. Transport yourself to the tropics with a delicious and flavorful rum cocktail. Whether you like white or dark varieties, you can make a delicious punch, mojito, daiquiri, or the classic piña colada. These drinks are easy and fun to make, and everyone loves the sweet and fruity taste. 


Rum punch is a classic Caribbean cocktail that combines sweet and sour flavours for a fruity weekend tipple. Its recipe is said to originate from Barbados, where it gained popularity around the 17th century. The traditional recipe calls for the Caribbean spirit rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup and Angostura bitters, with some versions also calling for other fruits such as pineapple and orange juice. The combination of the flavours creates a refreshing and smooth drink with a delightful punch. The balance of sweet, sour and spice in the rum punch make this drink a welcome addition to any gathering. Whether enjoyed on its own or used to create a variety of other cocktails, the rum punch is a timeless classic that is sure to make any weekend special.


A banana daiquiri is an easy and fun cocktail that you can make to bring sunshine to your cocktail repertoire. The main ingredients are rum–you can try a Malibu White Rum with Coconut, lime juice, simple syrup, and mashed banana. Plus, it's a great way to use up an overripe banana. All you need to do is mix them together, shake well and pour over crushed ice. The end result is a delicious and refreshing cocktail with a hint of banana sweetness and a nice tart edge from the lime juice. To give it a tropical flair you can garnish the glass with slices of banana, lime wedges, or even cocktail cherries. It's a great cocktail to make as an appetiser or to sip together with friends on a warm summer night. So next time you want to step up your cocktail game, try making a banana daiquiri!


Plan a themed party and make a big batch of one of these rum cocktails for your friends to enjoy. Or just whip up a signature cocktail for your next special event. Either way, you can't go wrong with a delicious and refreshing rum cocktail.

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