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Prosecco ATM launches in London

Prosecco ATM launches in London

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

An ATM has popped up in London, where you can withdraw Prosecco, we are not joking ladies, it's like a normal ATM, but it dispenses wine, by the tap.

The new way to get Wine on Demand!

Now we know what you are asking, and yes we know where it is!


Yes it's located in London, but where you may ask, it is in front of the new wine restaurant Vagabond. The wine restaurant itself presents a huge selection of wines and beers to try while the machine, which sits outside, dispenses all the bubbles a lady could ever want.

Now, you better rearrange your to-do list when visiting London.


The restaurant has dubbed their ATM the “Vagabank” which, sounds a bit like a bank of vaginas, but, hey, it serves cold wine on command so we’re cool with it.

I think the tourism numbers will be on the increase with Australian Visitors to London to check this cool machine out.

So, let’s all raise our glasses and toast to the Bubbles Bank. May we one day make it over to London to experience it.


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Images courtesy of Vagabond Wines FB

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