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Press Release: HelloDrinks Temporarily Halts Product Sales from Russian Brands

We are deeply troubled by the crisis in Ukraine. The war has a catastrophic impact on humans, traditions, and the supply chain. HelloDrinks has decided to suspend selling products from Russian brands until further notice for all these reasons.  

We stand with Ukraine!

Other than the Russian liquors, HelloDrinks will keep selling products from all other brands as usual. We are against war and pledge to be the same in the future.

HelloDrinks cares for everyone around the world who are calling for peace. We are continuously monitoring and evaluating the situation. Our representatives are in dialogue with relevant parties. 

Hello Drinks has always been a flexible, eco-friendly, and unbiased store with many drinks to offer to its customers. Our catalogue has been highly manifold with alcohol brands and varieties if you check our catalogue. From Scottish to Australian drinks, our list has everything that one may crave! 

The world has already been through a lot in the past two years, and this time it wasn't redundant. However, we, as a brand, are highly intolerant of immorality. Whatever is happening around the world is excruciating, sad, and undeserving. 

What surprises us the most is witnessing a war in 2022! Yes, the era that golden agers predicted to be having flying cars, advanced technologies, and progressive society. A generation that fights for equal rights, liberation, and impartiality.

Hello Drinks stand firm for the Ukraine population whose infringement is unjustified. We cannot imagine the human tragedy they must be facing right now.

As of now, the re-continuation of the Russian liquors depends on future circumstances. Hopefully, you will understand the moratorium and support our initiative of spurning Russian brands. We heartily wish that this havoc stops soon and the world returns to normal.


Hello Drinks Team

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