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No Corkscrew? Try These Fun Ways to Open Your Wine Bottle


Have you got a nice, unopened bottle of wine but unable to find your corkscrew?

If yes, then do not try to break its top. Rather try these fun ways to open your wine bottle without a corkscrew.

Pump It Up

wine bottle

Do you have a bike pump? Let’s use it to open your wine bottle. Simply, place the pump needle between the rim of the bottle and the cork.

Now, pump it for two to four times, but do not pump it too much as the bottle may explode. After a couple of pumps, the cork will come out and pull it by hand. Now ,you can enjoy your good wine and please, don’t ride your bike while you’re drinking 😅

Use Screw and Hammer

bottle wine

Drill the screw into the cork and try to pull it with the help of a hammer. You can use either screwdriver or drill to place a screw in the middle of the cork. Make sure half an inch of the screw should be visible on the top, do not push it completely into the cork.

Remember as you pull the screw: Twisting always helps. Also, you can use the nail to open the wine bottle without a corkscrew.

Twist It Out With a Key

key wine

If you have zero tools available, use the key to open a wine bottle. Push the key into the cork at an angle of 45-degree. Then grab the key and move it in a circle to twist the cork out slowly.

Once you get the cork semi-free and the top of it pops out, grab it with your hands and finish the job. Make sure that the key is securely lodged into the cork; otherwise your cork may crumble.

Hang On With a Hanger

rose wine

Wire hangers come in handy for many household tasks and opening a wine bottle is one of them. Take a pair of pliers and a hanger. Give the hanger a shape of the hook by using a pair of pliers. Place the hook on the edge of the cork.

Now, wiggle the hook back and forth so that it can reach up to 2 inches below the cork. Rotate the hook in such a way that it can grab the bottom of the cork. After this, pull up the hook with a cork attached to it.

Slap Method

First, turn the wine bottle upside down and slap on its base with a book or shoe. With this, the cork gets loose, now, pull it out firmly with your hand. Make sure you stop slapping the bottle base before the cork comes out completely, or you’ll spill the wine everywhere.

Push the Cork In


If any of the above tricks don’t work for you, then try this method. It is an easy way to open the bottle so you can taste the wine. Take something long and study, like a short wooden stick and push the cork down inside the wine bottle.

Keep in mind that once you push the cork in, it is impossible to get it back out. So, you won’t be able to re-cork the bottle again.

Now you know all these tricks, you can share with your friend that always loses its corkscrew! 😅 

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