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Melbourne Cup Race Day Office Party Guide


Melbourne Cup Race Day has been an Aussie tradition for over 150 years. Since the first race in 1861, it has been celebrated as the race that stops the nation, and is even celebrated across the World.

Outside of the Race Carnival at Flemington, the most popular parties probably happen in the Workplace, which is a great way for all team members to get involved, and to socialise with their colleagues away from their desk. A great team bonding experience.

We have put our heads together to put this handy guide together on how to host your very own Melbourne Cup Office Party.

First up is the Venue!

The easier option is to have it in the office, which will also work out cheaper that going to a venue, and give it more of a private corporate setting. All you need is a TV or Screen to view the race(s) throughout the day. (Remember, this is main focus as to why you had the party in the first place, you don't want to be answering to HR afterwards).

If you're office is the preferred option, think about the space for people to float about, and mingle, will you be inviting guests for the offices next door, or other departments in the building, and don't forget to allow space for food & drinks. 


Finger food Platters always seems to work easiest, and leaves less of a mess in the office, and makes cleaning up easier. Perfect for a Melbourne Cup Party at work. Don't forget to check Dietary requirements, as you don't want anyone to feel left out of the fun.

Order it in time so people have a chance to eat before the race.


Don't forget to check your company policy on ordering alcoholic, and non-alcoholic refreshments to go with the food.

Make sure to have enough refreshments alongside the food. If you are providing alcohol on the day which most companies do, then have your HR department send out a reminder outlining the company's standards in terms of alcohol and expected behavior.

Whilst many prefer to enjoy a drink, it is important to support RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and provide a selection of Water, Soft Drinks, and non-alcohol drinks, along with tea or coffee.


Now that the food and drinks are sorted, it is nearly time to get excited and get in the spirit of celebrating the festivities. 

Have you thought about dressing up the office to create an at the races atmosphere, white table cloths, some flowers for the tables, balloons, and even some facinators for the ladies.

Next get the memo out to the team, that it is time to get dressed up for Race Day at the office. 

The Race(s)

Whether you allow the team to watch most of the races, or just the Main Race, please make sure to check that the TV(s) are working, and that you have the correct channel. 

A good way to get the atmosphere is let the team watch the race before the Melbourne Cup, it gets them talking and away from the desk. You can also use this time if you are running a sweepstakes to get a chart up the persons name beside their horse.


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