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Liverpool lift Premier League trophy, celebrate with these limited edition drinks


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, there’s even more reason to be grateful that you’re alive right now because of Liverpool FC’s historic Premier League title win.

After much anticipation and speculation, the English football team was declared champions by a landslide after maintaining an impeccable season after putting the icing on the cake with a victory over Crystal Palace. In a wait that could be described as “nail-biting,” Premier League officials declared the team as champions after Manchester City dropped points on rivals, Chelsea, managing to deliver a margin that would push Liverpool to the top.



Once considered as an impossibility by many football fans, the championship victory has been lauded by many as a modern miracle because it’s widely regarded as a long-harboured dream. While “amazing” may be an understatement when it comes to describing this win, it’s safe to say that history has been made, to the point that Carlsberg created a limited-edition Liverpool “Champions” Lager can to commemorate the victory.

A feat of amazement, embodied in a commemorative drink

Carlsberg has become synonymous with Liverpool as the team’s primary sponsor, which has been represented in the company’s logo being atop the front of the jersey of each of the team’s players. In both good times and bad, the brand has remained loyal to its commitment towards backing the Premier League team in a way that shows how Liverpool will truly never walk alone.


To commemorate the momentous milestone in the club’s history, Carlsberg is celebrating the Premier League title win by launching a limited-edition “Champions Can” in 25 countries across the world. The Danish multinational brewer wasted no opportunity on switching its iconic green colour to a full-red packaging to create a one-off rendition in honour of the victory that the team achieved so that fans worldwide can have their own remembrance of the occasion. 

As the longest standing Premier League team partner with a history over 27 seasons, Carlsberg holds the distinction of being with Liverpool FC for far longer than any other sponsor has with another team. The move to create this commemorative can be best described as a sweet moment, as Louise Bach, Head of Global Sponsorships, said:

We’re delighted to be celebrating the team’s incredible season together with Liverpool FC fans across the world. Our role is to make football even better for the fans, and hopefully, this will make their celebrations even sweeter.”


Striking details worth clamouring over

For the limited-edition can, Carlsberg decided to take on a special edition packaging that enveloped a primary Liverpool red instead of the brand’s iconic green branding.

On the can itself, the multinational brewer incorporated various insignia that are relevant to the football club and other details that are representative of its legendary championship milestone. Aside from the striking choice of red, the limited-edition can feature signatures from all players on the championship squadron, Liverpool FC’s crest, and a replacement of “Champions, 2020 onwards” in lieu of the regular design’s “1847 onwards.”




With such a sweet victory, it’s clear that Liverpool FC’s Premier League domination is an achievement well worth celebrating with a specially-designed and brewed Carlsberg collectible can. While only a Limited Run of the Commemorative cans were released, HelloDrinks did deliver their allocation to eager fans, who didn’t mind waiting a few days from the Pre-Order, as one customer said, ‘’I waited 30 bloody years to enjoy this’’


To add to the excitement we have also added a number of other Liverpool items fo fans to enjoy long into the offseason, which you can view here. Liverpool Drinks

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