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Give This Pink Gin a Chance & You'll Love It!

pink gin

Pink gin is becoming an international favorite, largely due to its near-natural taste, flavour, and Instagram-worthy aesthetic. 

Here, we are not talking about the Pink Gin cocktail blended with gin and Angostura Bitters. It’s about an authentic spirit that gin lovers can’t stop loving. 

It’s 78 Degrees Sunset Gin Adelaide Hills! 

The pink gin is one of the most authentic and award-winning small-batch spirits. It carries the goodness of Australian botanicals like rosella, juniper, bush apple, and strawberry gun. 

Launched by Adelaide Hills Distillery, the gin looks pink at first. But it actually changes colours over time to reveal pleasant orange and purple hues. This is much like the color tones you get in a sunset. 

The blushing delight can be best enjoyed in summer evenings while admiring sunrise disappearing over the horizon. 

So, if you’re also a gin lover, and are drawn towards something pinkish, then it’s worth learning more about the 78 Degrees Sunset Gin.

Quick Facts 78 Degrees Pink Gin

cocktail pink gin

  • State of Origin: South Australia
  • Alcohol: 42%
  • Liquor Size: 700mL
  • Distillery: Adelaide Hills Distillery 
  • Closure Type: Synthetic cork

  • Taste

    drink pink gin

    From the outset, the Pink Sunset gin is rich in fruity flavours. It carries the dominant tastes of delicious red berries. You can feel the distinct hints of watermelon and strawberries. The gin leaves behind a wonderful sweet aftertaste.


    Very pale pink blush with herbaceous aromas and accents of piney juniper, semi-ripe berries, and white pepper. It feels light on entry, offering pine, lemon and tart berry flavours in a medium fresh, peppery hint. You will experience a warming aftertaste of celery, pine and musk confectionery.

    It’s safe to say that this pink gin is perfect for summers but not suited for cold winter nights. It’s still a wonderful drink for every occasion.

    Food Pairing

    What pairs well with 78 Degrees Sunset Gin?

    You have endless choices!

    You might be interested in gin cocktails. Some best pairings are:


    Complement the floral notes of the gin with smoked and tossed salmon with cucumbers and cheese. It also makes a perfect pair with sushi and sashimi.

    Take your taste to the next level by topping off oysters with squeezed lemon and steamed mussels topped with liquorice and fennel. 


    You can have all types of berries! Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, and what’s not. A bowl of grapes also feels equally delightful to munch on while drinking the iced pink gin.


    If you’re crazy for chocolates too, then pair it with the herbaceous hints of the gin. White, dark, or milk chocolate! Chocolate-coated biscuits, fruits, or strawberries!

    …And anything spicy!

    Sharp, crisp, and sophisticated palate of the 78 Degrees Sunset gin goes incredibly well when set against anything spicy. Take it to the next level with cardamom, red chillies, and jalapenos. And, what about hot wings, spicy barbecues, and anything you like. 

    Finally, drink this with plain tonic water to avoid losing the real flavour or fruitiness of the gin. You can serve it with garnishes of mint and strawberries.

    Let's try it? 😋

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