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Ginger Beer: All You Need to Know About

Ginger beer

Being a subtle yet luscious beverage, Ginger Beer have recently become our must-have in bars. Likewise, we are sure that you are crushing on it just as we do. 

However, do you know everything about ginger beer? Or are you keen to know about it? If so, then this quick read has it all. 

What is Ginger Beer?

While the drink has gained a lot of recognition lately, not many know what ingredients it contains. Ginger beer is made with sugar, ginger, and fermenting water. The combination has a sour and sweet taste with a fizzy touch. 

People often ask, 'Is ginger beer alcoholic?’ To answer the question, we would say that while its creation resembles an alcoholic drink, in reality, it isn't.

There was a time when ginger beer had about 11% alcohol. It was quite a hit among Britishers during 1800. However, nowadays, the alcohol present in it is a negligible amount.

Does it mean that the drink is alcohol-free? Well, as per the amount, which is 0.5%, the ginger drink IS alcohol-free!

However, you cannot call it a ginger-based drink. The taste is a lot different than being mere ginger-flavoured. 

What's the Best Way to Consume Ginger Beer?

While the soft drink in itself is sufficient, you can surely double up the fun by creating its cocktails. If you haven’t tried famous drinks like Moscow mule, Gin Gin Mule, and Irish mule, it's time to add them to your regime. 

The recipes for each of these cocktails have a unique touch. For example, in Moscow mules, you can blend in Absolut lime vodka, Brookvale Union ginger beer, and lime juice for a feel-good factor. It's easy to make and has a reviving taste on the palate.

brookvale ginger beer

For Gin Gin Mule, you can combine a Moscow mule (made with Rusty Yak ginger beer) with a mojito. Likewise, for Irish mules, you need to blend the Irish whiskey with lime and ginger beer. Oh, and don’t forget the ice cubes, of course!

Yak ginger beer

What are the Perks of Ginger Beer?

Besides the exquisite taste, ginger beer is confined with endless perks. Having said that, you are not only satisfying your taste buds but also your health! Yes, your health!!

Here are some of the healthy effects of ginger beer 

Limits Ageing

Most of us want to age like a fine wine, so the presence of ginger in the drink encourages intact mental health and a peaceful mind. 

All these factors contribute to limiting the ageing process. It also enhances the level of happy hormones and keeps you jovial.  

Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Good quality ginger beer has also shown effective results in relieving inflammation and bacterial outrage. With ginger being its primary element, ginger beer can alleviate the ailments that occur due to inflammation. It renders a soothing and pleasant influence on your body.

tree ginger beer


Helps in Digestion and Nausea

If you are tired of facing digestive issues lately, then ginger beer can help with that too. The drink is recognised for the betterment of digestion. It contributes to a smooth passage of food inside your stomach. How good is that!?

To Wrap Up

With such diverse roots, recipes, and benefits, who wouldn't like to grab a Ginger Beer here!? We’re sure we would’ve (Is it the end of the expedient already?) 

Why don't you check others recipes while sipping on a glass yourself?

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