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Enjoy St Patrick's Day with a Jameson Irish Whiskey Cocktail

St Patrick's Day is a time to celebrate all things Irish, and what better way to do that than with a Jameson Irish Whiskey cocktail? Across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and other cities, Irish folk will be will be turning on the green and serving up some delicious drinks made with Jameson to


Some of our favourites include the Emerald Isle Cocktail, made with Jameson, Green Chartreuse, sweet and dry vermouths and orange bitters. If you're looking for something a bit fruitier, try the Dubliner Sour which combines Jameson, peach liqueur, lemon juice and sugar syrup. And for those who like their drinks extra strong, there's always the Black & Tan which blends Guinness draught.


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Why not try one of these cocktails at your St Patrick's Day celebration this year? And if you're looking for some other ideas, be sure to check out our recipes page here.


Let us know where in Australia and how you will be celebrating this year, and what drink you will be toasting Paddy's Day with? Don't forget to wear green


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