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Coca Cola & Pepsi Co both suspend operations in Russia

Coca-Cola, one of the most iconic brands in America and around world has announced they are suspending their operations within Russia. In a statement issued on Tuesday morning The Coca Cola Co said “we share your frustration about what is happening with ongoing war." They went onto add "our hearts go out" for those experiencing unbearable effects brought about by tragic events occurring throughout Ukraine.

Coca-Cola, the world’s most famous soft drink company has announced that they are suspending their business in Russia. The decision follows days of #BoycottCocaColas trending on Social Media and similar earlier announcements from Carlsberg, Heineken, Jack Daniel's, owner Brown Forman & along with Budweiser and Corona owner AB InBev who also suspended operations out of a support for peace in the Ukraine.

The Coca Cola Co's main rival PepsiCo has suspended the sale of its soft drinks and global beverage brands in Russia, but will continue to sell essentials such as dairy products and baby formula.

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