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Best Drinks for Saint Patrick's Day + Irish Food Pairing

With Saint Patrick's day around the corner, wondering what drinks to serve at the dinner table? Don't worry; we have got your back! Saint Patrick's day is about friends, family, parades, Irish food, and all things green. But, to make the day extra special, it also calls for a decent glass of booze! 

From Irish whiskies to margaritas and green-tinted cocktails, the drink possibilities are endless. Here's a quick drink list to help you out:

#1 Green Beer

Happy People celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's day without the iconic green beer? How lame would that be? We believe that green beer is made to be served on this occasion. Besides, it's quite easy to make. Simply blend in your favourite beer with some green food colouring, and you are good to go! It's best to use liquid colours for this recipe as colour gels won't mix easily. 

Also, buy a high-quality light-coloured beer to give the drink the perfect green feel. If you want to go completely Irish, you can choose drinks like stouts or Irish red ale. However, the colour would be darker. 

Food Pairing: Soda bread, Bacon & Cabbage, Corned Beef, Shepherds pie 

#2 Golden Irish Mule

A perfect glass of Golden Irish Mule cocktail goes really well with a big fat Saint Patrick's Day meal! Yes, it's the drink that combines ginger beer and Irish whiskey (Already craving some). 

To make the drink, add some ice cubes to the glass and then mix 2 ounces of Irish whiskey. Now, fill the remaining glass with ginger beer and top the drink with lemon juice. You can modify the whiskey to beer ratio based on how strong you want the drink to be. 

Food Pairing: Soda bread with butter, Salmon, dark chocolate mousse 

#3 Irish Whiskey Maid

For a refreshing, lemony, and delicious punch, how about serving the iconic Irish whiskey maid cocktail? The blend of delicious cucumber with Irish whiskey goes heavenly well! 

To make the drink, you have to muddle some cucumber slices and blend in both St-Germain and Irish whiskey. Next, add in ice cubes and shake well. In a serving glass, pour in some rocks and then the drink. Top it off with cucumber slices and serve!

Food Pairing: Meatloaf's, Irish stews, cured Salmon, Pork

#4 Kale Cocktail

Kale cocktails are perfect to beat the scorching heat of March. So, nothing would be as good as this one for a summertime Saint Patrick's day drink. In a blender, add sugar, lime juice, white rum, and kale leaves. Blend it well at high speed. Serve in an ice-filled glass and garnish it with mint!

Food Pairing: Colcannon, Dexter beef, cured Salmon

#5 Apple Martini

With a subtle green colour, Apple martinis are the right way to serve vodka with aesthetics. To make this drink, add some ice, apple liqueur, vodka, and lemon juice to a shaker. Shake it for about 10 seconds and strain it nicely. Now, serve the drink in a cocktail glass and top it off with green apples. 

Food Pairing: Lamb stew, beef, Shepherds pie

Note down these recipes, and do not forget to try them. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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