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Australia's Best Wine Regions

australia wine

When it comes to wine regions, Australia does not disappoint. The beautiful country has gained its recognition for being sky-high in terms of wine-making rather than wine-drinking. So it's not a surprise that Australia ranks fourth in wine-exporting worldwide.  

Having said that, there are certain wine regions in the country that's worth your exploration. If you are expecting an Australian wine tour lately, then these places should not be missed.

Barossa Valley

barossa valley

Situated in beautiful South Australia, Barossa Valley is like a dream for an oenophile. You can reach it by taking a ride via the roadway from Adelaide.

Barossa Valley is enclosed with around 150 outstanding wineries and cellar doors (about 80). If you have been craving Shiraz wines varieties lately, this place can be your destination for devotion. 

To mention the ambiance, it can give you subtle vibes with villages, hills, and churches all around. The place is exceptionally renowned for wine options like Penfolds Grange and Jacob's Creek.

One of the best things about the gorgeous Barossa Valley is that it has a legacy combined with it. Speaking of which, it has makers from past peer groups to continue the inheritance. 

The combination of the finest wine varieties and perfect environment calls for a barbecue at the place. Imagine sipping on a glass of Penfolds Grange while gorging on succulent meat and enjoying a mesmerising view. It sounds like the perfect outing to us!

Yarra Valley

yarra valley

Connoisseurs who are looking to visit Victoria should certainly not miss Yarra valley. If you are near Melbourne, it's just a short drive away from the same. A trip to this region can satisfy your wine-loving soul and render you a pleasant time through other activities.

Yarra Valley is known for its exquisite Pinot Noir wine variations. One can sip into Chardonnay while exploring the breathtaking and picturesque view. 

You can plunge into the sumptuous cherry farms or assorted sanctuaries. If not, you can feast on gourmet fish during the stay. These meals go so well with the pinot noir varieties. 

South Burnett

south winery

Being the oldest wine region of Queensland, South Burnett is a paradise for Shiraz and the delicious Chardonnay lovers. The perfect weather for grape cultivation and viticulture makes it one of the finest lands for wine-making. It has the fitting soil quality (volcanic soil) for the most salutary grape production. 

Besides the rapid augmentation in terms of wine-making, the place can be ideal for other entities too. Did you know South Burnett is quite welcoming for cheese lovers? If you like the same, it can certainly entertain your cheese and olive cravings.  

Hunter Valley

hunter valley

Hunter Valley in Australia is secured with 120 wineries offering several wine categories. The place is nearby Sydney, with an ambiance that is alluring to the eyes. It has an amalgam of serenity and contemporary touch to satisfy your soul. If you like Hunter Valley Sémillon, this place is worth a shot. 

Besides, it's a bliss for foodies with frequent restaurant options. If you are in the mood for anything elite, Hunter valley will render you the most high-grade eateries. You can combine a glass of Hunter Valley Sémillon with a plate of distinct luscious meat pairings.

Wrapping Up

So, these were few wine regions of Australia that can please your oenophile aura. Make sure to give these places a try, and you will surely not regret it.

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