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Australian Stadiums need this Amazon style checkout to beat the queues


Crowding and lines at concession stands have long plagued sports and music fans, and ahead of the upcoming footy seasons, we thought we would show Australia how the US is beginning to tackle the long queues that drive sports, and music fans crazy at events.

That recently changed at one NBA arena, however, thanks to a new Amazon Go-style cashier-less store that will allow people to grab food and drinks without waiting in lines or checking out.

The store opened in October at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, which is home to the NBA's Sacramento Kings.


It's powered by Zippin, which recently opened its first checkout-free store in San Francisco.

"Banish the checkout line. That's Zippin's motto," Zippin CEO Krishna Motukuri said in a statement before the launch" When Zippin launches in Golden 1 Center this Fall, Sacramento Kings fans will be able to walk in, grab a beer, and walk out in under 30 seconds."

To use the store without checking out, shoppers must download the Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center app or the Zippin app.

Cameras and sensors will track what shoppers grab off the store's shelves.

Customers will also have the option of shopping the store by presenting a valid debit or credit card at the entrance.

The store is open to the public during Sacramento Kings home games and concerts.

Now @Gladys Berkejiklian get this on the list of priorities for the new Allianz stadium at Moore Park. The fans demand it!

The above article was posted on USA Today by Morgan Hines and can be found here

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