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17 Movies Wine-Lovers Can't Miss


Wine can be best enjoyed while watching a movie about wine. So, if you are an oenophile, then there are some movies that you should not miss at any cost.
Here's a list of the best wine movies of 2021 that have become popular among wine lovers.

Sideways (2004)


An abortive writer, along with his "not, so connoisseur of wine" friend, visits Santa Barbara's vineyards to comprehend their existence. It’s a funny movie which goes perfectly with a bottle of wine, so you can laugh even more while watching it.


The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969)

santa vittoria

An Italian village renowned for winemaking camouflages a million bottles to save them from Germans. Their aim is to save their tradition by doing so. The story is based on the era of World War II. Enjoy the humor, charm, and suspense while sipping your favorite wine.


Bottle Shock (2008)

bottle shock 

The movie focuses on Americans and French winemakers competing in a challenge called Judgement of Paris in 1976. The challenge focuses on wine tasting. Who’s the winner? Grab the wine and watch the movie till the end.


A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

a walk in the clouds 

Keanu Reeves plays the role of a war hero who looks for his place in the vineyards of California. During his stay, he gestures to be a pregnant woman's husband to retain her father's temper. Do they become partners? Grab your wine, a snack of your preference, some tissues (you will needed it!) and enjoy the movie until you find out.


A Good Year (2006)

a good year 

A well-established stockbroker rethinks his life when he gets his uncle's wine estate. That's when Wine can literally change lives. Check out the movie to know more.


Mondovino (2004)


Mondovino is a documentary that concentrates on surveying the effect and role of wine powerhouses in the wine trade. So, does wine need to be globalised? Live us a comment about what you think!


French Kiss (1995)

french kiss

Meg Ryan reaches France to defy her fiance. During her journey, she meets Luc, a thief with a stolen necklace in his bag. Eventually, she falls in love, and her life takes a roller coaster ride. Enjoy French Kiss while having your wine in one hand.


The Vintner's Luck (2009)


The Vintner's Luck is a historical movie that focuses on winemaking in 19th century France. Watch a story that combines a passion for wine and a complicated love story. It’s worth watching while drinking a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc.


Red Obsession (2013)

red obsession 

China invades the wine industry by becoming the greatest wine producer and consumer. No bottles could be saved from the country's limitless obsession for wine. How far will Chinese executives go? Find it out while sipping a glass yourself! It’s worth watching while drinking your favorite red wine.


A Year in Burgundy (2013)

red wine 

The documentary focuses on seven families sharing their winemaking approaches and experiences of making Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


You Will be My Son (2011)

son wine

You Will Be My Son is a story of Paul, a father and wine trader who wants his son to be a helping hand in business. Watch the father-son conflict as Paul wishes his son to be like his manager's son. It’s a great movie to watch with your father or son while enjoying some good wine.


Somm (2012)


Dedicated sommeliers compete with each other to take a challenging wine exam to become master sommeliers. What about you? How much you know about wine? Learn a little bit more with this movie. 


Blood into Wine (2010)


Maynard James, a recording artist with a successful music career, tries his luck in the wine business of Arizona. Would you ever do the same?


A Year in Champagne (2014)

a year in champagne

Martine Saunier, a wine importer, surveys six Champagne makers to comprehend their winemaking process.


Natural Resistance (2014)

white wine 

Natural Resistance is one of the best movies about wine on Netflix. It converges on the reflective perception of Italian wine growers who are part of the European natural wine revolution.


Sour Grapes (2016)

sour grapes

Being one of the new wine movies, Sour Grapes is about the biggest scandal of the wine world. Here, the consumers get fooled with fake wine bottles retaining authenticity.


Barolo Boys. The Story of a Revolution (2014)

drunk wine

A group of friends makes red wine in Northern Italy. Thirty years later, their luck shines, and the wine gets famous globally.


So, these were some of the entertaining movies that wine lovers should include in their must-watch list. Do you have any other suggestion? Let us know! 🧡



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