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10 Tequila Brands To Choose From On Margarita Day

All the margarita lovers, hear it out! It's 22nd February, and it's world margarita day. The blend of the humble tequila with orange liqueur and lime juice is on-so-necessary! And the salt to top it off on the glass rim is marvellous. 

A decent glass of margarita calls for high-quality tequila; the hero of the drink! The fruity, sweet, and earthy flavours make your margaritas even more delish. But, which brands are best when it comes to tequila? Here's a quick list: 

#1 Jose Cuervo


Jose Cuervo is one of the most flavoursome tequila brands, with about one-fifth of the consumers across the world. The brand serves the ABV content of 35-40% and a proof of 70-80! Besides, their tequila has a clear and dark yet golden colour to soothe the boozers! Jose Cuervo claims that no one serves tequila better than theirs. They serve outstanding tequilas sourced from the Mexican family (Beckmann family). 

Its number one seller, i.e. Jose Cuervo Especial gold tequilas, have the best taste and aromas!  flavour-wise, it's sweet with agave notes along with a dash of oak and vanilla. On consumption, it provides a balanced and smooth finish. 

#2 Patron

Patron is one of the most renowned brands that serve luxury spirits that are produced authentically in Mexico (Highlands of Jalisco). The brand maintains high quality and craftsmanship to ensure the best tequilas for margaritas. From Patron Anejo and Patron XO Cafe to Patron Silver/Blanco, they offer endless products. 

However, their unaged Patron Silver is quite popular among boozers. On the nose, their tequilas have a strong agave flavour along with citrusy and peppery notes. The tastes are consistent as per the fragrance, only better due to the subtle alcoholic burn. Besides margaritas, you can also serve on rocks or make cocktails with the same. Totally your call! 

#3 Corazon

Roots from the Mexican family-owned distillery (Casa San Matías), Corazon is made from 100% blue weber agave. The drink is made from freshly grown plants (cultivated under ideal climatic conditions) that adds extra flavours and taste. The distillery has over 135 years of experience serving the best tequilas in the world. 

Corazon is famous for its delicious collections, including Corazon Anejo tequilas, Single Estate tequilas, etc. Its popular product Corazon Reposado Tequila provides a sweet and spicy taste to satisfy your palate. The 100% agave and soft aromas make it extra special.

#4 El Jimador

If you are looking for strong (yet delectable) flavours and budget-friendly tequilas, El Jimador is the brand to go for! The brand prepares its tequilas from 100% blue agave. They ferment the drinks through wild yeast sourced from the trees beside the distillery. 

El Jimador dates back from 1994, with the aim that every person has the right to relish high-quality tequilas. From El Jimador silver tequila to El Jimador Reposado tequila, the products are endless. These varieties have distinct flavours, taste, clarity, and aromas. So, you know, they are perfect for those margaritas! 

#5 Herradura

Herradura or Casa Herradura is a brand that ensures excellent tequila varieties. It roots back from the 19th century in the beautiful land of Jalisco (Amatitán). Its craftsmanship roots back from the '80s (1870). Thus, you can stay assured of authenticity in the extraordinary tequilas. 

Their tequilas are accessible in four vintages with an ageing duration of about 45-49 days. They are also precisely aged in oak barrels and have 100% agave! There are numerous products of the brand that are trending in the market. For example, their light straw colour Herradura Plata with a smooth profile and robust flavours is a must-have! 

#6 Olmeca

Olmeca is another outstanding tequila brand that roots from Jalisco in Mexico! Owned by the Pernod Ricard Group, they offer distinct varieties like Olmeca Reposado gold and Olmeca Altos

While the brand was initiated in 1967, currently, it's ruling around 80 countries. The best thing about Olmeca is that it's suitable for both beginners and boozers! So, regardless of the drinking scale, this one's appropriate for all. While it's perfect for margaritas, you can get them for other cocktails or on rocks!

#7 Don Julio

Don Julio is a form of premium tequila manufactured by Diageo Brands. It was introduced in the year 1942, with Mexico as the country of origin. The brand uses the best blue agave that's matured and ripened to offer the best tequilas worldwide! Infact, these plants are grown under appropriate climatic conditions and rich clay soil in the Los Altos region. 

The distillers apply efficient techniques to ensure rich taste and captivating aromas. Founded in 1942, their products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. You can get their all three i.e. Don Julio Reposado, Blanco, and Anejo tequilas. 

#8 Sesión 

Sesión means "to celebrate together", and that's exactly what the brand offers! Their tequilas are so exquisite that you can savour them on any occasion. The drinks contain 100% blue agave to ensure you get the authenticity that you paid for. 

Besides, they are closely related to the old tequila makers with over eight years of expertise in distillation. Regardless of the drinker type, the brand provides products with premium taste and luxury notes to satisfy your taste buds. Be it Sesión Mocha tequila, Sesión Reposado tequila, or Sesión tequila Blanco; their offerings are perfect for all drinking souls. You can make a choice and add them to your margaritas for the best drink ever! 

#9 Excellia

Speaking of tequila brands, how can anyone possibly forget about Excellia? Famous for its agave and grape characters, the brand is all about offering the best traditional tequilas worldwide. Excellia tequilas are made with 100% Agave Tequilana Weber blue for that bona fide flavours. Their products are made through hand-cut agaves, followed by slow cooking and extraction. 

Following this, they are aged in vintage grand cru sauternes casks and cognac barrels to make the delicious blend. Like other brands, it's available in varieties like Excellia Reposado, Blanco, and Anejo!

#10 Espolon

Lastly, we have Espolon to wrap up the list! Espolon is a tequila brand that comes from Campari America. Their products are produced at Casa San Nicolas, which is located in the agave lands (Jalisco) of Mexico. The unique thing about this tequila is that the agave hearts here are cut into four rather than two. This technique adds a sweet flavour to the drink. Its Reposado variety, for example, has a mild style with a smooth, delectable taste. 

On the nose, it has the notes of marzipan, vanilla gelato, fruits and candied walnuts. Tastewise it's the same as the smell but with a little addition of agave syrup. These characteristics make it a must-add in cocktails. 

If you have these tequilas in your home bar, you are all sorted for the margarita day! Throw in a margarita party and serve bout right for the best blends of all time.

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