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10 Summer White Wines That You Can't Get Enough Of

With winter is around the corner in Australia at this point, it is going to be spring season starting March 1st. Have you thought of stocking up your home bar already? Hurry up; else, you will be missing out on some exquisite white wines. Imagine sitting by the beach (or your pool) all tanned up when your soul craves for a Sauvignon Blanc Punch! How amazing would it be if you got a glass right away? 

The refreshing gulp, along with the light and flavourful notes, is enough to give those summer vibes! However, to relish such an experience, it's important to get your bar white-wine ready. Of course, not all, but there are some white wines that you have to add to your bar. Here's the list: 

#1 Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc

Looking for a drink that plays topsy-turvy with your nose and palettes? If so, then Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc is what you need. The drink has smelling notes of passionfruit and herbs along with a taste that's as crisp as you desire! It also has a citrusy punch for that perfect summer cocktail. 

One of the reasons behind its authentic taste is the grapes that are sourced from South Island and South East Aus. It gives that authentic feel to wine with a long finish. Blend it up with juice, sodas, and syrups to savour a Sauvignon Blanc punch. You can also add up some liqueur to make the ideal Sauvignon sunset cocktail.  

#2 Pewsey Vale Valley Riesling

Speaking of refreshing white wines, how can we forget about the Pewsey Vale Valley Riesling? With the invigorating lemon-like fragrance, this drink is made to be served in summer. It tastes citrusy on the palate with a slight punch of honey, marmalade, and sage oil. For its endnotes, you may get a stone mineral-like taste. 

Not just that, you are likely to relish rich and extraordinary flavours to balance the refreshment! It also has a balanced acidity (thanks to the exceptional treatment in cold temperatures) to satisfy your buds. Team this delicious white wine with white meat (duck breasts), scallops, and salads for the perfect dinner with the fam! 

#3 Thistle Hill Organic Chardonnay 

Thistle Hill Organic Chardonnay is all about having fruity aromas with a crisp, acidic, and nutty taste. On pouring the wine, you are likely to smell blends of lead, passionfruit, pineapple, and apricot to soothe your soul. On sipping, it has the complexity of oak, with gunflint and cashew nut. 

The best thing about this wine is that it's vegan friendly. This adds an option to those who are against animal-derived fining ingredients. The alcohol content of this drink is around 13%. You can use them for the perfect glass of Mimosa, Bellini, or Spritz Al bitter.

#4 St Johns Brook Single Vineyard Semillon 

Made from Semillon grapes, St Johns Brook Single Vineyard Semillon ensures delicacy in a glass. It has a sensational aroma of white peach and jasmine flowers with vanilla to make you go ga-ga! Not to forget about the complexity of lime, peach, and French oak for the lovely yet subtle flavours. This one has a lighter style, so you can relish it by the pool-side for the perfect lone-time. 

#5 Seppelt The Great Entertainer Chardonnay - Pinot Noir 

If you like the blend of citrusy fragrance with strawberry notes, then this one's a keeper. Seppelt The Great Entertainer Chardonnay combines the creamy texture with citrusy touch to produce the ideal flavours on the palate. It also has crisp acidity and fine length (Thanks to iconic Pinot Noir) for that perfect sip! The alcohol content of this drink is around 11%. Mix it up with your favourite juice, syrup, and ice for a heavenly cocktail. 

#6 Angove Long Row Chardonnay

Sourced from the beautiful wine regions of South Australia, Angove Long Row Chardonnay ensures you get rich tropical flavour with oaky characteristics. Trust us, when we say this, the melony and stone fruit aromas are just oh-so-soothing! It also has a dash of oaky smell to mesmerise your nasal passages. 

Not to forget the delicate and long finish to complement these traits. Make your favourite Chardonnay Sangrias with it or team it up with creamy pasta; that's your call!

#7 Hugh Hamilton ‘Aroma Pagoda’ Riesling Pinot Gris Gewurztraminer

Vivid and elegant. Only these two words can describe the beauty of Hugh Hamilton's Aroma Pagoda. As it's already mentioned in the name, the drink blends wonderful fragrances and rich flavours for an impeccable sip. It consists of around 63% Riesling, 19% Pinot Gris, and 18% Gewurztraminer to make the iconic blend. 

The wine looks pale yellow with a light texture. The spicy and floral aromas are perfect to appeal to your palette. You are also likely to get white jasmine and stone fruit notes in this wine variety.

#8 Sugar & Spice Moscato 

With an alcohol content of 8%, Sugar and Spice Moscato makes a subtle drink for all. Its transparent texture and relishing peach flavours are so classic that you won't be able to stop yourself from sipping again. It also has apricots and floral flavours to further intensify the taste. 

What else? The subtle sweetness at the end is just on-so-satisfying! Combine it with your favourite summer fruits to make a Summer Moscato Sangria, or add in vodka for a Moscato lemonade. 

#9 Cape Mentelle Shiraz

Cape Mentelle Shiraz is prepared from the fruits grown in ideal climatic conditions. It's matured in Barriques to give that delicate fruity and floral characteristics. Besides, it also has spicy and savoury notes (due to the Margaret river vineyard) to make the taste more delectable. The alcohol content of the drink is about 14.8%.  

#10 Wangolina Moscato 

Wangolina Moscato is an exquisite white wine made through Frontignac grapes. These fruits are exclusively grown on the limestone coast to give that wonderful Spritzy taste. It also has blends of different notes (floral, apricot, and lime) to make the drink even more flavoursome. 

The flavours are so good that you wouldn't stop yourself from relishing this drink even if you don't like sweet wine! Combine it with cocktails, summer drinks, or favourite desserts to enjoy it more.

What's Next?

Get these, and you are done for the summer! Now that you know some of the best wine varieties go get them before they go out of stock. Happy sipping!

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