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10 Sparkling Wines to Sparkle All the Occasions

Got engaged? Pop-open a bottle of sparkling wine! Ladies night out? Hmm, how about a glass of sparkling wine? Wedding toast? Sparkling wine! You certainly cannot think of an occasion without sparkling wine, can you? Neither can we! 

Be it the high-quality vintage features or creamy taste; you can enjoy sparkling wine any time of the year. Besides satisfying your palette, it's also a great way to celebrate a moment. And of course, the fizzy mouthfeel after the first gulp is heavenly! 

As you never know when you may crave sparkling wine, it's best to keep yourself stocked up beforehand. 

Wondering which ones to buy? Here are some must-have varieties listed up for you:

#1 Allegiance Fortuity Prosecco NV

Imagine sipping on a glass of sparkling wine that's creamy with a burst of fruity flavours. Yes, that's Allegiance Fortuity Prosecco NV for you, my friend! As soon as you pour the sumptuous wine, you will get mesmerizing notes of lychee and green apple to soothe your nostrils. Also, its luxurious creamy taste along with citrusy layers cannot be forgotten. 

It also has flavours of stone fruit with a hint of sweetness to satisfy your buds. The alcohol per cent of this drink is 11%, which is enough for decent glass. Pair it up with seafood, sushis, and cured meats for the ideal dinner. 

#2 Anna Spinato Prosecco Rosé Brut Millesimat

As beautiful and luxurious as it looks, Anna Spinato Prosecco Rosé Brut Millesimat is the perfect sparkling wine to serve your guests! It's made from both Glera and pinot noir grape varieties for that delicious taste. 

The blend of both light and acidic tastes encourages people to take another sip. It also has the perfect amount of fresh, floral and tropical notes along with a herby touch. The alcohol content of this drink is about 11.5% (fair enough!). Serve it with cured meat, shellfish, appetizers, and you are good to go! 

#3 Charles Pelletier Sparkling Blanc De Blancs NV

With bubbly texture and golden colour, Charles Pelletier Sparkling Blanc De Blancs NV is mandatory for all sparkling wine lovers. Most people describe its taste as refreshing and citrusy with complimenting acidic mineral notes. Its aroma on the nose is also the same, with citrusy, yeasty, and nutty hints. 

About food pairings, you can combine this wine with pork, salmon, tunas, or shellfish for the perfect lunch dates! The alcohol content of this wine is around 11.5%.

#4 Tempus Two Prosecco 

Do you know what goes well with a soft bubbly wine? A delicious fruity punch! That's exactly what this Tempus Two Prosecco is! The wine combines the sweet yet subtle flavours of green apple and passion fruit to render a delectable taste. In the end, it has a citrusy finish that balances all the tang.

The well-structured style with a long-lasting finish and balanced acidity make it worth everyday consumption! You can serve it with brunches or get-togethers for a light yet luscious combination. Additionally, it has an ABV content of 12%.

#5 T'Gallant Prosecco DOC NV

Sometimes our soul craves light and refreshing to satisfy our palettes. Just a glass of simple drink to sip and enjoy while chatting around with friends. If you can relate, then T'Gallant Prosecco DOC NV is for you. 

The fruity aromas of apple and pear, along with zesty touch, is enough for a thirst-quenching glass. It also has a vibrant blend for that sparkling bead. The best thing is that you can pair it up with delicious meals, including seafood, cured meats, or cheese varieties. The alcohol by volume content is around 11.5%.

#6 Riccadonna Prosecco 

Sourced from the famous Riccadonna family, Riccadonna Prosecco is all about Italian authenticity in a bottle. It's made from the delicious Glera grapes grown in the Veneto. The makers describe the taste of the grape as a fruity apple with a hint of citrus notes for all the delicate flavours. 

Thus, you know the wine is going to taste absolutely delicious! Users define it as light sparkling with a pleasantly dry finish and enticing flavours. While you can serve it on any occasion, Riccadonna Prosecco gives the perfect vibes to the parties. Pair it up with savoury cheese, meats and appetizers for the ideal medley. 

#7 Mumm Champagne Grand Cordon Rouge Brut

Mumm Champagne Grand Cordon Rouge Brut is one of the most popular champagnes served by the brand. It originates from the beautiful regions of France and has an alcohol volume of 12%. For its aroma, the drink combines fruit, honey, caramel and walnut scents to fragrant your inner soul.

Likewise, its taste consists of tropical, citrusy, and fruity flavours with leery hints. Serve it alongside savoury pastries for that con-temporising flavours on the palette.

#8 Anna Spinato Prosecco Brut Millesimato 

Anna Spinato Prosecco Brut Millesimato is a fine, rich, and luxurious sparkling wine with warm flavours. The wine also has a dry endnote of fruity citrus flavours. Speaking of its fragrance, it seems subtle to the nostrils with aromas of lime, peach, and almond. 

The best thing about this white wine is that it sources the grapes from an exceptional land that has been growing the same fruit for centuries. Savour it alongside lobsters and shellfish for the perfect deluxe meal. 

#9 Jacobs Creek Prosecco Spritz

If you want a drink with little hassle and powerful taste, then do not hesitate to buy Jacobs Creek Prosecco Spritz. Thanks to the blend of botanicals and fruit oranges, this wine is made to serve as a refreshing drink itself. Just add in some ice cubes or your favourite fruit, and you are good to go! The alcohol content of this drink is about 8.6%, and it tastes heavenly with shellfish.

#10 Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne

If you are a champagne enthusiast, you must have heard about Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne. The bright yellow bottle has delectable flavours of apples and bread to satisfy all souls. The drink has enticing fragrances and alcohol content of 12%. Besides, it tastes fantastic with seared tunas and Parma hams. Its appealing outlook makes it perfect as a gifting option for an occasion

To Conclude

That's it! If you have these sparkling wine varieties, you are all set. Pop-open a bottle whenever you feel a little joyous and pump up the party!

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