Young Henrys Noble Cut Gin 750ml

Young Henrys Noble Cut Gin 750ml

Young Henrys Gin Noble Cut is a brewer’s gin, blending techniques and flavours from both brewing and distillation. Just like Young Henrys Craft beer, the base of this gin is 100% grain - no additives, adjuncts or agents. YHs ferment the grain, distill it twice, then infuse the spirit with everything that gives gin its classic botanical characters; juniper, coriander, orange peel, cassia bark, liquorice root and angelica root. But, because they are brewers, they’ve also given Noble Cut their own twist: Hops. Enigma hops, developed and grown locally, are added to the gin basket to give a mineral complexity you’d expect to find in a fine white wine. However, that’s not the only local ingredient Young Henrys use. The uniquely Australian pepperberry and bush tomato are included, along with a pinch of cascara and Australian-grown sencha. All of that leads to a highly aromatic, highly complex and altogether unique take on the London Dry gin.

Size: 750ml

Alcohol: 40%

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