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Whiskey Liqueurs

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Whiskey Liqueur is a flavoured or sweetened form of spirit with Whiskey as its base. In this beverage, Whiskey has a dominant flavour. People often confuse Whiskey with Whiskey Liqueur. However, both of them differ in terms of taste and additions. Whiskey Liqueur is sweeter than Whiskey with oils, extracts, and flavours.

Speaking of origin, Whiskey Liqueurs got their roots in Celtic. In Scotland, it's as old as the distillation of Whisky in the country. However, soon it was welcomed by other countries for its delectable flavours. Both Canada and the United States came up with their respective versions.

A famous Whiskey Liqueur adored by almost every Whiskey-lover is Drambuie. The sweet, smooth, and bold taste of this beverage can instantly put a smile on your face. It later gives a kick of spiced honey along with notes of flavours and herbs. You may get the taste of orange peel, oak, and anise!

Likewise, Bailey's Irish Cream is another Whiskey Liqueur that got famous for its creamy and sweet taste. It has a blend of spices, herbs, and flavourings for a rich taste. It also has an alcohol by volume content of 17%, which is pretty low!

Whiskey Liqueurs are also an ideal beverage for making cocktails. They are often combined with parts of whiskey and served on ice!

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How to Drink Whiskey Liqueur?

You can drink Whiskey Liqueur in three ways i.e. neat, on rocks, or cocktails. Let's know the process in brief.


Like any other Liqueur, you can drink Whiskey Liqueur neat without mixers or ice. Make sure the drink is served at room temperature.

Try to choose durable drinkware like Whiskey tumbler to pour the drink. Slowly pour the Liqueur inside the glass and drink them. Enjoy the taste while gulping down the drink.

On the Rocks

You can also consume Whiskey Liqueur on the rocks. Make sure to get big spheres or cubes of ice to make the drink.

When you add ice to Whiskey Liqueur, it keeps the drink cold and dilutes it over time. That way, you get a chilled but less-watered Liqueur to relish slowly!

Cocktails and More

You can also make cocktails through Whiskey Liqueurs for a mix-and-match of flavours. On Hello Drinks Superstore website, you can get flavoursome cocktail recipes to satisfy your palate. These cocktails can be served as a go-to drink for parties and bachelorettes.

Tips to Store a Whiskey Liqueur

It's important to store your Whiskey Liqueur properly; else, it may lose its taste. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to keep those flavours intact:

  • Always keep the Liqueurs away from sunlight. If you use bar carts, keep them in a room with less sunlight exposure. Also, please keep it away from radiators or refrigerator tops. The rising temperature may initiate chemical changes in the Liqueur.
  • Make sure to keep the Liqueurs in cool and dark storage. Cream Liqueurs with lower ABV bottles are best stored in the refrigerator. For spirit-based Liqueur, room temperature works fine.
  • Ensure that the bottle is secured tightly. If you see any sugar buildup on the bottleneck, wipe it with a cloth. Also, check if the bottle tops or corks are damaged. If that happens, throw and replace them with airtight tops.
  • Keep the Liqueur in an airtight bottle if you are not planning to drink them anytime soon. That way, the quality will be consistent. To enjoy an intact taste for the first few serves, do not let the air get inside.

Food and Whiskey Liqueur

The food combination for whiskey Liqueur varies as per the type. As Draumbie has a scotch base, it is pretty good on its own. However, you can team it up with Scotch coffee to make a delicious dessert drink. It is used in pudding, porridge, and ice creams too. You can also add them to meat marinades and sauces to enhance the taste.

For Whiskey Liqueurs like Baileys Irish Cream, it's worth serving them with fibre and protein to balance the sugar content. They often go well with nuts (unsalted) and cherries.

Based on the taste and flavours, you can combine these Liqueurs with anything from roasted meats to cheese and dark chocolate. Whiskey Liqueurs are a must-add to sweets like trifles.

They also work as a flavouring agent for fruit cakes and Christmas cakes. To enjoy the best taste, make sure to buy a high-quality Whiskey Liqueur from Hello Drinks Superstore!

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