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VSOP Cognac

VSOP Cognac is a type of brandy that is made from grapes that are grown in the Cognac region of France. VSOP stands for Very Superior Old Pale, and it is the designation given to brandies that have been aged for at least four years. Some of the popular brands of VSOP cognac include Hennessy, RГ©my Martin, and Martell.

Cocktail Suggestions:

- The Cognac Sidecar: cognac, lemon juice, sugar, and brandy.

- The Rusty Nail: scotch whisky, Drambuie, and orange bitters.

- The Brandy Alexander: brandy, crГЁme de cacao, and heavy cream.


Cognac has been made in the Cognac region of France since the 16th century. The brandy was originally produced as a medicinal elixir, and it wasn't until the 18th century that cognac became a popular drink. Hennessy is one of the oldest cognac houses, and it was founded in 1765. RГ©my Martin was founded in 1724, and Martell was founded in 1715.