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Singleton Scotch Whisky is a single malt whisky distillery located in the region of Speyside in Scotland. The Singleton range of whiskies are mixers, meaning they can be enjoyed on their own or mixed with other drinks. Singleton whiskies have a variety of tastes, depending on the specific blend, and all are made with top-quality ingredients. The history of Singleton Scotch Whisky dates back to 1835, making it one of the oldest whisky brands in the world. In addition to whisky, Singleton also produces gin and vodka. How to drink...... Singleton Scotch Whisky is up to the individual, but it is typically enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Did you know that Singleton whiskies are perfect for any occasion? Whether you're celebrating a special event or just enjoying a nightcap, Singleton Scotch Whisky is the perfect drink for you.