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  • Passoa Passionfruit Liqueur 700ml-Hello Drinks Online Liquor Superstore

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    Passoa Passionfruit Liqueur 700ml

    Passoa, a unique passionfruit liqueur, in a legendary black bottle. Its luscious red colour reveals tangy fruit flavours. The recipe of this alcoho...

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    translation missing: en.products.general.regular_price $44.88

Passoa is a unique liqueur made with tropical passion fruit and premium spirits. It has a delicious, exotic taste that makes it perfect for cocktails or simply sipping on its own. Passoa Liqueur was first created in 1937 by the French company Combier. The recipe is still a closely guarded secret, but it's thought to include passion fruit, vodka, cognac and sugar. Passoa is now enjoyed all over the world and is particularly popular in Brazil and Europe. It can be enjoyed neat or mixed into cocktails - here are a few of our favourites: The Brazilian Dream: 1 part Passoa, 1 part coconut milk, 2 parts pineapple juice, dash of Grenadine. Shake all ingredients with ice and serve in a hurricane glass. Passion Fruit Martini: 2 parts Passoa, 1 part vodka, 1 part cranberry juice. Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a martini glass. Passoa Sour: 2 parts Passoa, 1 part lemon juice, 1 part sugar syrup. Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. If you're looking to add a bit of exotic flavour to your next party, why not try serving some Passoa cocktails? They're sure to impress your guests!