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Roe & Co

Roe & Co

The old Guinness Power Station is now a hot spot for cocktail connoisseurs and modern Irish whiskey enthusiasts alike. A haven to explore the possibilities of this newest trend in drinks, you'll find no shortage here with their immersive experience that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey through Ireland's history as well as its present day landscapes - all thanks to one building steeped deeply into both!

Ireland's newest distillery, Roe & Co is the home of cocktail exploration and modern Irish whiskey. Located in heartland Dublin where fun meets flavour through an immersive experience that will have you wanting more!

The pioneer of Irish Whiskey, George Roe was a man who journeyed through life with an elegant and refined taste. His legacy lives on in this beautiful blend that carries his name -Roe & Co- to honor him for all time!

To create a luxurious blend of whiskies, our Master Blender Caroline Martin has used her 30 years of experience. The result? A perfectly harmonious combination between the intense fruitiness from malts and grains that are met by an extremely creamy texture thanks to butter softening silently behind it all without any harsh notes or alcohol tastes whatsoever!

Roe & Co offers you not only premium quality but also luxuriously smooth flavour, which is bottled at a higher than usual ABV of 45%.