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Premix is a variety of already mixed Cocktails and Spirits in a ready-to-drink form. This category of drinks has no formal definition. This product is popular with different names globally, including wine or spirit cooler, alcopop, canned cocktails, and RTD (ready-to-drink).

Typically, manufacturers sell them in cans and bottles similar to beer or soda. They are usually sweet. Most brands make Premix drinks from Rum, Vodka, or Bourbon, along with a sweet mixer like cola or lemonade.

The alcohol by volume (ABV) of such drinks generally starts from 4% to 7% but can go higher. Premixed drinks demand rose in the United States during the 1980s with the rise in advertising and branding of Wine coolers.

In 1991, federal wine excise tax rose, resulting in a stop to wine as a base for Premixed drinks. Many brands started using un-hopped Malt in place of Wine base, which later blended with different Spirits.

You can find different types of Premixed drinks made by various local and international companies on Hello Drink Superstore. We are an independent online liquor store that caters to all over Australia.

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Types of Premix

Different types of Premix available at Hello Drinks include the following:

Mixed Vodka

Mixed Vodka or vodka cocktails pair well with any flavour, from dry to spicy and sweet to savoury. These are popular for their unique character, ingredients, and style, making them perfect for every occasion and drinker.

Mixed Gin

Mixed Gins are more popular these days than ever before. Just choose from our collection of Gin Cocktails and drink without using any fancy equipment.

Mixed Bourbon

Full-bodied Mixed Bourbons feel intriguing and fulfilling when drinking. Whether you prefer a classic Old Fashioned taste, or something heated up in Hot Toddy, Hello Drinks has everything to satisfy every palate.

Mixed Rum

Few Rums mix together and conjure up into a tropical cocktail. We bring you a whole range of Mixed Rums for every taste, from sweet to spicy and even bitter concoctions.

Mixed Whisky

Our collection of Mixed Whisky is ever-growing to include excellent products from top brands. These drinks best demonstrate the versatility of whiskies and pair well with every food you have<.>


Buy high-quality Seltzer from leading brands. Every product in our collection is made from the finest quality ingredients and safe processes to ensure an excellent drink is delivered to you.

RTDs come in different forms, from margaritas to Martinis, Wine to Vodka based drinks, both canned and bottled. So, the following are some types of premixed beverages you can try:

Order Bundaberg Rum and Cola Cans

First distilled in the year 1888, Bundaberg Rum is an Australian drink. It contains 100% sugarcane matured to perfection to obtain a mellow and smooth flavour; then, mixed with cola to produce a final product.

To serve it, just pour this drink into the glass full of ice cubes and garnish it with a lime wedge. It contains 4.6 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV).

Buy Southern Comfort and Cola Cans

Martin Wilkes Heron initially made this alcoholic beverage. He worked in New Orleans as a barman when he found customers demanding something smoother than Bourbon or Whisky. So, he decided to collect some spices and fruits.

Then, he mixed them with Bourbon and created a Southern Comfort. This Premixed drink is a Cola and Southern Comfort blend, containing 4.5 per cent ABV.

Buy Jim Beam White Label Bourbon & Cola Cans

Jim Beam Bourbon's authentic recipe handed down to the Jim Beam family's seven generations makes World's finest Whisky since 1795. The classic Jim Beam While Label with cola together delivers a Premix with delicious flavour.

They come in handy cans that you can drink chilled straight from the can or in a glass filled with ice. It contains 4.8 per cent alcohol by volume.

Select Actual. Vodka Seltzer Pure Can

It is a clean, crisp sparkling water blended with smooth, pure vodka. Actual Vodka Seltzer is not a complicated drink. It has 100% natural ingredients, low calories, vegan, and no-low sugar (Usually 0g sugar and 65 calories) with 4.2% ABV.

Purchase Brookvale Union Vodka & Peach Iced Tea Can

Brookvale Union Vodka and Peach Iced Tea is an alcoholic, flavoursome Premixed drink crafted through a perfect harvest of tea leaves and juicy peaches. This beverage is deliciously refreshing with low alcohol content.

This Premixed drink is an ideal beverage to enjoy during warm and sunny days. It has a peachy yet saucy and punchy flavour. It contains 4% Alcohol by volume.

Shop for Vodka Cruiser Sugar-Free Mixed Berry

This Premixed drink has a soothing, refreshing, and fruit-driven taste without any remorse. It has 4.6% alcohol by volume. You can enjoy this delicious drink whenever you feel like relaxing.

Choose Rusty Yak Ginger Beer

This Premix contains an aromatic ginger punch with a refreshing finish that offers a great taste. Manufacturers pack it mostly in bottles with 3.5 % alcohol by volume.

Order Canadian Club & Cola Cans

You don't have to do many preparations or hard work. Instead, you can find it all in a packed can containing barrel-blended Canadian Club Whisky mixed with cola. It has unrivalled smoothness and sweet taste ready for your convenience and pleasure.

The Whisky smoothness infused with cola's sweet taste produces a ready-to-drink can that can easily be chilled down for further enjoyment. It has a 4.8% ABV.

Purchase The Black Douglas Blended Scotch Whisky and Cola Cans

It is a dark-coloured, strong Whisky combined with cola, giving strong citrus and spicy notes with a sweet finish.< It has a slightly smoky and woody aroma with citrus notes that leaves lingering sweetness. It has 4.4 per cent alcohol by volume.

Select Cougar Bourbon & Cola Cans

Cougar Bourbon distilled from high-quality ingredients and aged for at least five years reveals an exceptional and smooth flavour. Once blended with cola, it produces an easy and smooth drinking style with unbeatable value.

This Premixed drink is a fantastic alcoholic beverage to sit back and unwind with, containing 4.5% ABV.

Order Lexington Hill Margarita on the Rocks

Lexington Hill Margarita on the Rocks is a perfect session cocktail prepared by mixing the following:

  • Continental Triple Sec liqueur
  • Finest Blue Agave Tequila Blanco
  • Lime Juice

It has 10 % alcohol by volume. To serve it, pour it into a tumbler filled with ice cubes. Then, garnish it with a lime wedge and serve it to enjoy.

Can you Prepare Premixed Drinks in Advance?

Yes, you can prepare Premixed drinks in advance. You can safely batch these drinks as long as you use well-sealed containers and stable ingredients.

In addition, it is always good to stock up on drinks or chill them the night before you consume them or serve them to others.

How Long will Premixed Drinks Last?

If your cocktail has an ABV (alcohol by volume) above 25%, you can store it for around three months at room temperature. But once you open it, it is necessary to refrigerate or consume it.

Helpful Tips to Buy Pre Mixed Drinks

If you ever intend to purchase Premixed Drinks, the following are some tips that would help you to make a wise decision:

Check the Alcohol Content

While purchasing Premixes, always check the type and percentage of alcohol content in those drinks. So, make sure you are well aware of different products before buying any Premix. It will help you find out the product with the expected alcohol percentage.

Buy Premixed Drinks Made of Well-Known Brands

Trying new alcoholic brands might affect your enjoyment negatively. While trying a new Spirit brand, you might have noticed that sometimes it doesn't suit you 100%. So, instead of increasing the chances of the uncomfortable feeling after drinking, it is better to play safe.

Do Not Opt for Creamy Blends

A creamy blend may turn into your biggest nightmare because of the consistency of the drink. So, avoid buying cream-based mixes; instead, prefer liquid premises.

Do not Purchase Premixes in Bucket Packaging

While purchasing Premixed drinks, stay away from large bucket packages. Drinks packed in large buckets often imply that they are of low quality and cheap. In addition, these drinks commonly have a slushy mixture that looks more like ice.

Check the Expiry Date of Premix Blend

Every product has its shelf life. So, check the manufacturing and expiry date to ensure that they can be used or not. If you consume the expired drink, you will get very ill.

Go for Branded Drinks

While purchasing Premixed drinks, it is beneficial to be wary of costs. Though branded drinks are expensive, they will pay off as you will enjoy them more.

It does not mean you have to spend a lot of money, but you can buy moderately priced drinks to have better quality.

Avoid Purchasing Premixes having Artificial Flavours

Artificial flavours make drinks look fascinating. However, they end up creating a sweet drink that is not good for your health and tastes awful. Therefore, always check the percentage of artificial flavours used in the Premixed drinks.

Don't Get Fooled by Margaritas in Can

Margaritas in the can may sound like an incredible idea, but they are not actually margaritas most of the time. Usually, they contain artificial sweeteners instead of Tequila.

What's Really in the Premix Drinks?

Whichever Premixed drink you prefer, odds are there might be its canned version available. In 2020, the demand for canned beverages rose because pubs, bars & restaurants were closed during the pandemic.

As you enjoy these Premixed drinks, you must know what is there in them. These Premixes contains the following:

Chemical Preservatives

If Premixed drinks have ABV (alcohol by volume) less than 10%, there might be preservatives used in them to stop microbial growth. For example, they contain sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and other preservatives.

These drinks contain preservatives at very low levels so that they do not negatively impact the drink's flavour. Nowadays, some manufacturers are also working on natural preservatives.

Carbon Dioxide

The carbon dioxide used to make bubbly drinks can also add a touch of sourness. So, it adds sharpness to the palate.


Many Premixed drinks are clear, white spirits. However, some selections have a dull hue that features barrel-aged spirits and oxidized juices. So, producers add artificial or natural colours to brighten up these drinks.

The colours from artificial dyes do not affect flavour or texture. In contrast, natural colours derived from vegetables and fruits are less stable. They may brown and fade over time.


Artificial and natural flavourings help compensate for the lack of fresh ingredients and juices in Premixed drinks. Variety and quality can vary, but examples consist of citrulline or limonene, extracts used to mimic natural fruit flavours.


Glycerin and gums used to add texture can thicken a drink. So particles such as black pepper can be suspended. Manufacturers add glycerin to add a smooth or slick sensation. It's a sugar type that may add a trace of sweetness.

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