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  • Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp 330ml x 12 Bottles-Hello Drinks Online Liquor Superstore
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    Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp 330ml x 12 Bottles

    Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp is fresh and fruity, with tart, crisp notes. Perfectly refreshing cider without the sugar. Subtly sweet and delight ful...

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  • Remedy Kombucha Original 330ml x 12 Bottles-Hello Drinks Online Liquor Superstore
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    Remedy Kombucha Original 330ml x 12 Bottles

    Remedy Kombucha Original is the traditional kombucha – straight-up, tart, bubbly brew with apple cider notes. Sweet and sour. Size: 330ml Qty: 12 C...

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Shop For Wide Range of Cider Online - Delivered To Your Door Australia Wide - Shop Now, Pay Later with Afterpay / Zip / Latitude Pay

Cider is one of the most well-known alcoholic beverages made through fermented apple juice. While it was widely popular in the United Kingdom, its unique taste made it popular worldwide. Cider is often mistaken for Beer. It is also called the gluten-free alternative to the latter. However, both are different with separate characteristics.

Moving on to its other details, the UK is one of the largest producers of Ciders. They are also known for the world's highest per capita Cider consumption. The alcoholic beverage is also renowned in countries like India, Australia, Portugal, and Canada. In addition, some countries like Central Europe rendered a personal touch to the drink in the form of Apfelwein.

To avoid confusion, the US termed alcoholic Cider as hard Cider. This was to differentiate it from sweet Cider (common in the US). Hard Cider and sweet Cider are made from apples; however, the latter is free from alcohol.

Craving for Ciders already? Don't worry; we have got your back. Hello Drinks superstore can deliver you high-quality Ciders at your doorstep. We ensure timely delivery to help you relish fresh sips.

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Types of Ciders Available at Hello Drinks

Hello Drinks brings you an exciting collection of ciders made from high-quality fermented apples. Our Ciders make fruity, sweet, and refreshing drinks. Our collection of Ciders include the following:

Watermelon Cider

Our Watermelon Cider is a pretty pink drink with a truly watermelon taste. It feels like someone has crushed fresh watermelons straight into the bottle.

Pear/Perry Cider

Pear Ciders are fermented using soft water and the finest quality pears. These drinks are light in colour and can be enjoyed at any occasion.

Non-Alcoholic Cider

Buy non-alcoholic ciders carrying the equally delicious taste and texture. These are great for those who want to avoid alcohol for some reason but still want the same taste.

Flavoured Cider

Pour over ice a refreshing fruity and Flavoured Cider. For Flavoured Cider, Hello Drinks bring plenty of choices to match your taste.

Craft Cider

To make Craft Cider, manufacturers press apples into a natural apple juice. Then, these ferments are let the naturally occurring sugar convert into alcohol and gas. Craft Cider tastes very delicious and pleasing.

Apple Cider

We bring Apple Cider made from the finest, sweet, and organically grown apples. These are delicious for adding to salads, veggies, and most other foods.

How is Cider Made?

For centuries, the same process has been followed for Cider making. While it may sound straightforward, preparing the best blend is no child's play. It requires years of experience and proficiency to make these beverages.

The taste of Cider is variable, with the flavours lying within the sweet and dry range. It looks somewhat similar to Sparkling Wine, but the shade varies as per the brand. Cider may appear cloudy (along with sediments) or crystal-clear. It may come in a brown shade or look completely colourless. Both colour and clarity vary due to the pressing and fermentation process in their production.

Conventional producers generally make dark-coloured Ciders. These varieties tend to have a strong flavour of apple. Likewise, a lighter version of Cider is processed after traditional brewing. This method gives white colour to the end product and is termed white Cider. The ABV content in this drink is around 7-8%. The flavours, as compared to dark Ciders, are sweeter.

Ciders are made by pressing and fermenting the apples. It involves the following steps given below:

Preparation and Pulping

Apples are the primary ingredient of the Cider. In October, the best Apples are plucked, washed, and sterilised for their making. Any rotten apples, leaves, and debris are instantly discarded.

The chosen apples are then smashed and pulped thoroughly. This step is called pulping. It's either done by hand or through Scatter. The pulp is then transferred to the Cider press.

Pressing and Fermentation

The next step is pressing. It is performed in the Cider press where the apple juice is extracted. Once done, the liquid is transferred to plastic fermentation barrels for the fermentation process.

Cider preparation is fermented in barrels through wild yeast. On a large scale, producers use cultured yeasts in steel tanks. The yeast converts the simple sugars of the apples into alcohol. The fermentation occurs throughout the winter. Once summer arrives, the beverage is checked for its ABV content, clarity, and taste.

To ensure better taste, producers use an assessing process. Here, the fermenting Ciders are tasted to estimate the fermentation process. Producers also transfer the Cider to a maturation vessel to blend with old and matured Ciders.

The best thing about Cider is that you can incorporate its uncarbonated version in recipes. It makes an outstanding addition to dressing, glazing, and soups!

What are the Different Cider Styles?

Cider styles are divided into two types, namely, modern and heritage Ciders. It is then classified into fruit Ciders, spiced Ciders, Apple Ciders, hopped Ciders, ice Ciders, wood-aged Ciders, and sour Ciders. Let's know about them in detail.

Standard Ciders

Buy Heritage/Traditional Ciders

Heritage Ciders are more acidic and bitter in taste. Its flavour is more on the drier side with complex aromas. It is made with different apple varieties starting from heirloom to Cider-specific ones. Sometimes even wild or crab apples are used for that acidic taste.

Shop for Modern Ciders

Modern Ciders are not as acidic as heritage ones. Instead, they have low tannins, medium acidity, and fresh character. It is made with apple varieties like McIntosh, Gala, and Golden Delicious. The clarity scale of the Cider ranges from transparent to hazy.

Speciality Ciders

Order Fruit Ciders

As the name signifies, fruit Ciders, Apple Cider and Pear Cider contain additional fruit juices/fruit inside them. The fruit juices enhance the flavours and aroma of the drink. These characteristics are dependent on the type of juice added to the Cider. The apples used for its preparation include varieties like dessert or culinary apples. It may have a blend of cherry, peach, cranberries, etc.

Buy Hopped Ciders

Hopped Ciders have intense aromas with a bitter taste. They are made by combining apple Ciders with hops. To make this Cider, varieties like dessert or culinary apples are used. The clarity of the Cider varies from clear to hazy.

Shop for Wood aged Ciders

Wood aged Ciders are Ciders with the character of wood or barrel. They offer diverse aromas and flavours along with a changed appearance. Its characteristics are influenced as per the time spent in wood.

Buy Quality Spiced Ciders

Spiced Ciders or Flavoured Ciders are made with dessert or culinary apples. They contain a blend of apple-based Ciders with herbs and botanicals. These additions may be incorporated either before or after the Cider fermentation. Some common spice additions in the drink include ginger, mint, habanero, cinnamon, etc.

Buy Sour Ciders

Sour Ciders are prepared by adding non-standard yeast/bacteria while fermenting the drink. They are acidic with a clear to cloudy appearance. They may also have additions like fruits or botanicals.

Order Iced Ciders

Iced Ciders are made by concentrating the juice before the fermentation process. Their taste is more on the sweeter side because the Cider does not reach its dry form while fermenting. Producers can make iced Ciders by freezing the fruit (before pressing them) or by drawing the solution from frozen juice. It has low acidity and high ABV content.

If you know your Cider then use our personalisation service we will suggest some all-time favourites for you.

Regardless of your Cider choices, at Hello Drinks Superstore, you can get almost every Cider style. Craving for a bottle of spiced Cider? We have it! Want to sip on flavoured Cider? We have it! You name it; we have it.

With so many options, it's worth not leaving the opportunity. Place an order for your Ciders now to get quick deliveries.

How to Serve & Drink Cider?

Now that you know about Cider, let's understand the right way to drink and serve them. Follow the below steps for the same:

Avoid Too Cold Ciders

You wouldn't want your Cider to lose its flavours, would you? Thus, it's best to avoid too cold Ciders in the first place. Instead, like White Wine, it's best to keep them at room temperature for some time before consumption. That way, the flavours and aroma will open up! It's the best way to relish Tannic Ciders at around 55 degrees.

Serve Them Properly!

Now that you know the right temperature, serve them in appropriate glassware. You can choose from multiple options like pint glasses, Gerippte, and Txotx glasses. Sometimes even wine glasses and Teku glasses are fitting.

Many people like to drink Ciders in fluted glasses. That's because they ensure prominent bubbles and intact aromatics. Additionally, it makes stunning posts for your social media handles.

Taste Them in the Right Sequence

If you have a line of Ciders in front of you, it's best to start with the basic ones first. Then, slowly move on to more flavorful options. Follow the sequence given below:

    Taste the Ciders made from apples first Then move on to Ciders with botanicals and spices Barrel-aged Ciders Fruit Ciders Lastly, end with iced Ciders as they are sweeter on the palate. Ciders high in sugar content are best to serve last.

Food Pairings with Ciders

Ciders (mostly dry Ciders) combine well with food for their flavours and complexity. Keep these basics in mind while pairing food with Ciders:

Flavours: The fruity flavours of Cider amalgamates well with fruit salads. The main idea here is to blend the same flavours. That way, the foremost

ingredients for both accentuates.

Intensity: Besides flavours, make sure to pair your Ciders with similar intensity. Robust Ciders go well with robust food options. Similarly, it's best to pair lighter Ciders with light food options.

Mix and match!: You can try stepping up the game and pairing your Cider with contrasting flavours. For example, you can combine acidic drinks with hefty meals to balance the taste. Here's a list of some common food pairings:

    Roasted pork Chicken or ham salads Cheese (blue cheese) or cheese-oriented dishes Mild curries Rossitos and creamy baked pasta Turkey

Likewise, Ciders also taste fantastic with certain desserts. As the holidays are already out there, try pairing your Cider with these delicacies:

    Gingerbread Macaroons Fruit cake Apple pie Cinnamon doughnuts Pancakes Marzipan

About Hello Drinks Superstore

Hello Drinks Superstore is an independently owned online liquor store in Australia. We offer a plethora of drinks from local and natural suppliers and deliver them to your doorstep. Our initiative is to improve with time and meet the priority of customers.

Our outstanding service is famous for providing varieties liquors from both local and international sellers. We are well-stocked with every possible drink that you may like, Beer, Wine, Whisky, Champagne, Spirits, and many more at different ranges.

You can savour fast home deliveries in just one click.

As per our business initiatives, we are not limited to top-notch services only. In fact, we care about our environment too! We at Hello Drinks believe in a clean business and sustainable future.

That's why we use 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging for our products. We also ensure that most of our materials are made from recycled content. Right now, we are also including re-use supplier packaging.

Soon, we are planning to come up with delivery date setups for multiple deliveries at once. Moving on to our other characteristics, we aim to make your services as convenient as possible. That's why we provide the following benefits:

Safe Payment Options: We offer distinct payment methods for you to buy products. To make it easier for you, we have introduced an Afterpay option. As it's clear from the name itself, you can buy the product and pay for it in 10 weeks. The Afterpay option does not charge any additional cost.

Return and Refund: Not satisfied with the product? Ordered mistakenly? No problem. You can return the item if it's not opened for 30 days. After that, we will initiate a refund of your payment. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly for more details.

Application for iOS and Android: With us, you can get a liquor store in your pocket. We have a free Hello Drinks alcohol delivery application that's not less than a bottle shop for phones. It's free to download and available for both iOS and Android phones.

If you download our app now, you will get a $10 off code: APPYDRINKS at your first order. It is valid to purchase a minimum of $100 from Hello Drinks Superstore.

Besides the above benefits, we keep updating our terms to ensure the best customer experience. Soon we will be launching same day/ next day deliveries for you. So, be with us to relish those perks.

We are also open to feedback! If you have any suggestions, queries, or reviews, write to us today.

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