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Becherovka Herbal Bitters is produced in the Czech Republic and has a long and rich history. The brand dates back to 1807, when pharmacist Josef Vitus Becher created the unique recipe for an herbal bitter liqueur.

The recipe includes a blend of more than 20 different herbs and spices, which are macerated in alcohol and then distilled. The final product is a clear, smooth liqueur with a distinctive herbal flavor.

Becherovka is traditionally drunk as an aperitif or digestif, and is also commonly used in cocktails. It is said to have medicinal properties, and was even used as a treatment for fever during the cholera epidemic in 1831.

Today, Becherovka is produced by the Jan Becher company, which is based in Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad). The liqueur is still made using Josef Becher's original recipe, and continues to be a popular choice for Czechs and visitors to the country alike. Slainte!