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10 Pink Gin Cocktails for Valentine's Day

Toast your love on Valentine's Day with a romantic bottle of Gin!

Love is worth celebrating every day, but February 14 is special to swap your usual drink for something unique – Pink Gin. Create a perfect romantic atmosphere for a memorable evening with a glass of gin and dinner plans. Easy to mix up, it offers favourite flavours like strawberries and other love-inducing fruits.

Check out the list of the best pink gin to try this Valentine's Day!

What Is Pink Gin?

Pink gin is made up of Gin and Angostura Bitters, which tastes really good. It has flavours of fruits and has no added sugar but contains alcohol by volume. Most of the time, red fruits like strawberries, raspberries and red currents are added to traditional gin to make Pink Gin. Here is the list of the top ten pink gin for a romantic evening on 14 February:

#1 Manly Spirits Lilly Pilly Pink Gin

Always an elegant choice, Manly Spirits Lilly Pilly Pink Gin elevates any at-home date. It is Australia's native gin launched in 2020 by Manly Spirits Co. Its romantic pink colour originated from berries and blood orange. This makes it the perfect drink for a romantic evening with your sweetheart.

It has no added sugar and contains various Australian botanicals. Also, it features native Lilly Pilly edible pink flowers found in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. For a festive touch, serve in wine glasses and garnish with red berries to add the colour of love.

#2 Gordon's Pink Gin

Inspired by Gordon's original recipe from the 1880s, Gordon's Pink Gin is perfect for a refreshing romantic date. The natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries serve a unique blushing tone. If your partner loves berries, then this bottle of gin is best to enjoy with her or him on February 14. 

If not neat, you can make a cocktail using Gordon's Pink Gin. Serve it with lemonade and prosecco, and garnish with a red berry with a love hearts design. Each sip of this gin is like another little Valentine's Day gift!

#3 Malfy Gin Rosa

If you are looking for a unique gift for Valentine's Day, then Malfy Gin Rosa is a great pick. It tastes fantastic, and your sweetheart will love its flavours and aroma. Also, the beautiful decoration of the bottle with traditional Italian glass painting makes this the best gift for loved ones.

This Pink Gin is infused with the peel of Sicilian pink grapefruits, delicate botanicals, Italian juniper berries, and rhubarb. It has a rich flavour with a fresh citrus taste. Also, Malfy Gin Rosa is an excellent spirit for a wide variety of Valentine's Day cocktails. 

Always garnish it with a slice of grapefruit and enjoy with the love of your life!

#4 Beefeater Pink Gin

Are you looking for a romantic drink to serve to your love this Valentine's Day? If yes, then go for Beefeater Pink Gin. Based on the original recipe of London Dry, the iconic British distillery released Beefeater Pink Gin with natural strawberry flavour.

It offers a bold new twist with fresh berries, white pepper, and vanilla. You can use it to mix some seriously delicious cocktails. It's a spirit that pairs brilliantly with many flavours. That's why it is an excellent choice to usher you into a romantic evening.

For a unique aromatic experience, garnish it with strawberries and a slice of grapefruit.

#5 Four Pillars - Bloody Shiraz Gin

Soothing love beats, a multi-course dinner and a gin paired with each course. If this is in your mind, then Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is for you. It offers a gorgeous red shade that reflects the love in the air. It is produced by steeping local shiraz grapes and is infused with spicy red berry flavours.

Aromatically this gin has fresh peppery, dense raspberry and pine character. Enjoy it with your partner over ice or with a dash of soda and fresh lime. The resulting gin will be more vibrant with ruby colour when mixed with soda. The palate is lovely and sweet to drink before and after a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day.

Also, enjoying Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin with your partner is likely to spark flirty fun that makes the day more memorable.

# 6 Vickers Pink Gin

Show your soul mate the love with a special Vickers Pink Gin on February 14. It is enriched with aromatic flavours of juniper berries. Also, this gin carries the aroma of ripe strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. The taste of berries with an undertone of traditional gin is something that your partner can't resist on a romantic date.

This fruity pink gin is infused with raspberry complimented with citrus from native limes and orange. Best enjoyed with tonic water or soda. Garnish it with a love heart design using berries or red syrup to celebrate the special day.

#7 Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Pink Gin

Want something to add a bit of sparkle to the love evening? If yes, then Edinburgh Pink Gin is the best option. Beautifully balanced and crafted, this pink gin offers excellent taste and aroma. Warm spiciness, tangy sweetness, and juniper give this gin a unique texture as well as flavour.

It is just perfect to enjoy over sundowners. Make this year's biggest date night unforgettable with the Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Pink Gin.

#8 West Winds Wild Plum Gin

Take your romantic date to the next level with West Winds Wild Plum Gin. Made with native Davidson Plums and Sloe Berries, the gin offers warm and earthy flavours of Australia.

You will also discover a cosy sweetness thanks to Banksia Honey and Sloe Berries when you taste it. Every flavour is perfectly balanced and offers a unique aroma to the gin. With so much character, it tastes great to sip neat, or if you prefer, add ice cubes to open up the flavours.

Also, serve it with soda or tonic and garnish with an orange wedge or heart-shaped strawberries. It is the best gin for love birds to gift on Valentine's Day.

#9 Edgerton Pink Gin

Clink a glass to love on Valentine's Day with your partner! Edgerton Pink Gin is a premium quality gin created from a unique combination of 15 botanicals.  Produced by London's No 1 Blue Gin creator and Tea Meister, it has a classic gin taste with an outstanding balance of Sweet Citrus and Dry Spice notes.


The perfectly balanced flavours create a delicious and indulgent tipple for the day of love. All in all, Edgerton is a great pink gin to taste with your partner.

#10 Whitely Neil Pink Grapefruit Gin

Inspired by the citrus groves of Spain, Whitley Neill is an award-winning distillery that has been crafting spirits since 1762. This handcrafted pink gin is infused with fresh Iberian pink grapefruits.

When you are looking for something unique for Valentine's Day, Whitley Neill Pink Grapefruit Gin is best. On the palate, it has a delicate sweetness with citrus notes.

Top 3 Pink Gin Cocktail Recipes For February 14

Valentine's Day: a day of love, temptation and in most cases, GIN! While a glass of Pink Gin has been known to bring on romance, these cocktails are poised to spark love passion.

Pink Gin Spritz Cocktail Recipe

It is easy to make cocktails and is perfect for romantic nights. Here is the recipe to make this cocktail for an evening date:



  • Take a large wine glass
  • Fill the glass with ice and sliced fresh strawberries
  • Pour in Gordon's Pink Gin, tonic water, and prosecco 

Pink Negroni Recipe

Go pink on Valentine's Day with a pink negroni gin cocktail. Check out the recipe for the negroni cocktail:



  • Combine the Pink Gin and Vermouth in a tumbler
  • Add a small handful of ice cubes
  • Stir properly
  • Garnish with pink grapefruit and a basil leaf 

Valentines 75 Recipe

If you want a cocktail that will match red roses and connects the heart, go for this one. It mixes pink gin and lemon juice with a bubbly touch from Red Champagne.



  • Put the gin, lemon juice, and sugar syrup in a shaker
  • Fill it with ice cubes, shake hard
  • Strain into a glass and top with champagne

Spread The Love With Pink Gin Cocktails!

Romantic Pink Gin Cocktails can make Valentine's Day evening more special, so enjoy it with the one you love.  Get the best Pink Gin bottle at home to make your Valentine feel special!

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